Fall 2018 Nail Trends

Summer has officially come to a close, and now we are in the fall season! Fall is the season of warm drinks, sweaters, and muted nail polish colors. Many people love fall for these reasons and I honestly can’t blame them. Below you will find nail colors and nail art that will be the most popular for this fall season. Keep reading to find the fall 2018 nail trends.

Nail Polish Colors

Below we will discuss what nail polish colors will be the most popular this year.

Dark Purple

This color is a little more on the feminine side. Dark purple balances on the line of classic and edgy. This is a perfect color for you if you want to go for an edgy look but you also still want to look professional.

Wine Red

Wine red has similar characteristics to dark purple. It is very bold and classy. This color is great for someone who works in a professional setting but also wants to make a statement.

Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey is one of the more muted colors. This color is great with any outfit. It gives off fall vibes without being too dark and dramatic. If you like a more subtle color but want to travel a bit out of your comfort zone, charcoal grey is a great color for you.


Just like charcoal grey, nude is a muted color. This color also goes great with any outfit. If you don’t like making a statement but still want to paint your nails, a nude color will work best for you. It gives off fall vibes and gives you a very sophisticated look.

Caramel Brown

Caramel brown is the perfect fall color. It represents the leaves, hot cocoa, a nice warm coffee, and nice warm blankets and sweaters. Again, this color will work with almost any outfit. It is a great accent color and will make any outfit pop. This color is fun and bold but also gives off a professional look.


Black is a color worn all year round but you will see it more during the fall and winter seasons. Black is a very bold color but it can be very complimentary depending on your skin tone and style. This color is seen as fun and daring.

Burgundy Red

Burgundy red is more of a brownish red compared to wine red which is a bright red. It is bold but not as bold as wine red. It is also fun and classy. This color is great for fall because again it embodies a lot of fall characteristics. This is great for someone who wants to paint their nails red but doesn't want as bold of a look that wine red would give you.

Lilac Purple

Lilac purple is the brightest color on this list. You can get away with wearing this color in fall because it is still bright but it is also considered a muted color. This is great for someone who wants to paint their nails a bright color but still wants to fit into the fall theme.

Cinnamon Brown

Just like caramel brown, cinnamon brown is an amazing nail color for fall. This color will work with almost any outfit. It is a great color since it embodies fall. This color is fun and warm.

Nail Art

Here is where we will discuss what nail art will be the most popular this year.

Metallic Ombre

Metallic ombre consists of completely natural nails with metallic nail polish painted in dots at the end. This consists of gold, bronze, and silver. This look is good for people who love simple looking nails with some flair.


Geometric nails consist of a solid color as the base. So that could be red, blue, purple, orange, etc. Then you paint your preferred geometric shape on top. It could be squares, triangles, circles, etc. For the most part, the shapes are painted in black or white to easily match the base nail polish color. Geometric nails are for people who love a bold look.

Neon Animal Print

Neon animal print nails consist of a natural or clear base. Then you pick your preferred animal print and preferred neon nail polish color and paint your preferred print all over your nail. The most common nail colors are neon pink and neon yellow, but you really can use any color you like. This is for people who love a color that pops and for people who love to make a statement.


Mesh nails consist of your preferred solid color as the base. Then you apply mesh that is the same color as the nail polish base on top. So for example, say you wanted blue mesh nails. You would paint blue nail polish all over your nails and then find the matching mesh and apply it on top. Mesh nails are great for people who love a simple nail with some accents.


Jewels are common in every season but this fall they will be especially popular. Jewel nails consist of your preferred nail color. Then you apply jewels to whatever nails you want. You may see someone with small jewels or big jewels, you may see a lot of jewels or just a few. How many and what size will depend on what you want. You can customize this to look simple and elegant or it can be fun and bold.

Wrapping up

There are the fall 2018 nail trends! Are you going to try any of these trends this season? Have you tried any of these trends before? Which one is your favorite? If you need new nail polish head on over to the 786 cosmetics store! Our products are halal, vegan, and cruelty-free. Our products also contain less toxic ingredients, are healthier for you, and made with beauty lovers in mind. Just click here to head on over to our store!