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What is Halal, and what does it have to do with Nail Polish?

You may be wondering, what is "halal"? What does it mean?

To basically define what is halal, it simply means "permissible", or "lawful" in accordance to Islamic guidelines of living for Muslims. The word halal is often used as a standard or measure of permissibility of something in Islam, and the categories may vary. These categories can include food and drink, basic guidelines of how Muslims dress, as well as actions and contexts, but these are just some examples. Relevant to us here at 786 Cosmetics especially, is defining and providing halal nail polish. 

786 Cosmetics Nail Polish, Jaipur shade, Manicure

Eid Manicure by Sinthia Shabnam wearing shade "Kashmir"
A key component of Islam is praying five times a day. For many Muslim women who pray, wearing nail polish was not an option during times of prayer (you can imagine how this may feel inconvenient). Frankly, not many products, or affordable products existed on the market. Not many brands cared to cater to the inclusion of Muslim women. Then came the invention and increased accessibility to halal, water-permeable nail polish. Prior to prayer, Muslims conduct a short ritual practice of cleansing with water called "wudu" in Arabic, or ablution. This is a physical cleansing as much as it is a spiritual one. Due to standard nail polish being completely water-proof and impermeable, the rinsing of the hands during wudu would remain incomplete for someone wishing to pray but needing to make ritual wudu prior to prayer. 

Wearing Agra by 786 Cosmetics: Sinthia Shabnam

For me, having halal nail polish was a game changer. As someone creative, I remember coming up with various nail art designs between prayers during my free time, and wishing I could wear my nail art to events. When I heard about 786 Cosmetics and read into their halal nail polish, I was overjoyed. Not only was a brand inclusive of my identity, it was respectful of my background and didn't interfere with my faith practices. I was able to be creative again, wear nail polish when I wanted to, and not compromise on my faith- I found my best of both worlds, I hope you find it too. For more inspiration, check out 786 Cosmetics Facebook page here.

786 cosmetics, halal nail polish collection on display stand, what is halal

Nail Polish Collection by Sinthia Shabnam

786 Cosmetics Halal Nail polish collection, shop for them here


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