Meet The team

how 786 started

In late 2017, Ibrahim Ali and his wife Iqra Isphahani founded the brand, 786 Cosmetics. It started when Ibrahim noticed a gap in the cosmetics industry when it came to Muslim women - there weren't enough options that were halal, or Islamically permissible. He decided to start a cosmetics line, focusing on breathable nail polish specifically, that was tailored with the Muslim community in mind. He led the efforts in finding the right formula that fit the Islamic requirements and was also good quality. Iqra wanted the brand to highlight inclusivity which was the whole purpose behind the brand, so they came up with the idea to highlight beautiful cities around the world that each color would be inspired by. It began with cities they had visited, then cities they would like to visit, and eventually became a way to connect with their customer base and fans as people around the world submitted ideas that the now 60+ colors have been named after. Now sold in 10+ countries and reaching customers all over the world, 786 Cosmetics has grown to become a globally recognized brand.

Abe Ali

CEO & Co-Founder

iqra isphahani

CMO & Co-Founder

hannah walinder

Purchasing & PR

Marleen El-Zabet

Inventory & Purchsaing

melissa hank

B2B & Partnerships

simone henry

Marketing & Design