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786 Cosmetics Nail Polish- Review and Wear Test!

786 Cosmetics Nail Polish- Review and Wear Test!

I am so excited to be writing this review for 786 Cosmetics Nail Polish! They reached out to me and let me pick out 3 polishes, and they also sent me their top coat. I also really like their logo! 786 Cosmetics is water permeable, so it's halal, and if you're Muslim you can wear it and still pray and perform Wudu. This was so interesting to me, as I'm not Muslim, I had no idea of the potential restrictions with wearing nail polish. I think it's so wonderful to have options so everyone who wants to can wear nail polish and still be in harmony with their religious beliefs. Everyone should have beautiful nails! So I decided to wear two of the nail polishes with no base coat (as instructed, so as not to form a barrier and no longer be halal) and the 786 Cosmetics top coat (which is also halal) to see how they'd wear, and then the third polish I wore with my regular base and top coat (more about that later). First up is Lagos. It's a gorgeous teal blue. I didn't wear any base coat with this one, and I was nervous about staining, but it didn't stain my nails or cuticles at all! And I can be a sloppy nail painter, thank goodness for a good cleanup brush!

And speaking of cleanup, I wasn't sure about cleanup with a water permeable polish, so I just used my regular acetone, and it worked just fine- in fact, these were all very easy to clean up polishes. I did two coats, it was a little patchy on the first coat but evened right out on the second coat. If there's one thing I've learned since doing my nails so much, rarely is there a one and done polish. Sometimes a polish is one coat, but that is rare.  I have almost become a habitual 3-coater, but I didn't need three coats with any of these polishes. I did notice some weird bumps- which I actually think were my nail, not the polish. Usually I have a nail treatment on, then my base coat, then the polish, and I think because I didn't have the extra layers, it showed some of the bumpiness of my nails. But it wasn't apparent to anyone but me (we are our own worst critics!). Then I wore Jaipur. It's a really pretty dusty pink color- and I love that each polish is named after a specific city and has a connection to the city. This one is the "pink city" of India. I thought this would be my least favorite of the three I picked because it's a little more subdued- but I honestly really liked this color. It's more neutral than what I sometimes wear, but not at all boring! Again two coats, no base, and the top coat. Let's talk about the top coat. I put it on top of Lagos, the first polish I tried, and it dried pretty quickly. I then went to bed, and didn't get sheet marks but it kind of dulled the top coat. So when I tried Jaipur, I gave it more time between applying it and going to bed, and I had no issues. I wore this color while I cleaned the house and did my Saturday "chores," and it didn't chip at all. And all the polishes I tried were cream formulas (there are some shimmers to choose from), and I can sometimes struggle with cream polishes, especially in the clean up area and making them look good, but I had no issues with any of these. They all applied super easily and were opaque in two coats. The last polish I tried was Hyderabad- a hot pink cream! With this polish I used my usual Nailtiques 2 treatment, then Orly Bonder base coat, and Seche Vite quick dry top coat. I wanted to see how it worked with just "regular" base and top coat. And it worked perfectly! I put this on Sunday afternoon, and nary a chip as of today (Wednesday) while I'm typing this! I chose to wear this one last because hot pink is my favorite color, and I knew I wanted to wear it for a few days- which I rarely do, lol-and it's held up beautifully! And I've gotten a lot of compliments on the color at work- I love this bright pink, it's the perfect tone for me. Overall I'm really impressed! First, I love that anyone can wear it and feel beautiful. Second, the colors and formula are great! The polishes self leveled well- in fact, I bumped my wet nail while painting on Jaipur, and I just touched up the ding and it totally leveled out and I didn't have to re-do my whole nail. Removal was a breeze, cleanup was great- I'm a fan! I don't know how often they do new collections, but I'll be on the lookout (you can follow them on Instagram @786cosmetics). If there's one thing to mention that I would like to see, it would be some different finishes besides cream and shimmer, but I don't know if that makes a difference when it comes to something being halal or not. I myself would love to try some shimmers! Live your life with love in your heart and glitter on your nails! Blog post written by: Nicki Traylor

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  • Ambreen

    I reluctantly bought 786 cosmetics, but I am glad I did.

    The nail colors are perfect. The quality is superb.
    I bought: Istanbul, Agra, Karachi (perfectly matches Pakistan flag), Atacama, Java and Samarkand.

    Thank you.

  • Ifeakanwa Butler

    I believe I have been wasting my money buying tons of other nail polish products, because I love to do my own nails, without great outcome.
    I cannot express my gratitude enough for the individuals that produced this product called 786 breathable nail polish.
    The first one I use is called Brunei and I got the result that I like.
    >Glossy and shine
    >No Smudge
    > Gives a complete coverage with a 2 coating
    > Does not run
    > Gives a salon look without paying salon price
    Great overall. I am hooked and will be a great costumer.
    Thank you for this great innovation.

  • Farj

    Great product!

  • venkat

    Nice Article! Your blog is very good information useful for us.

  • Ana Guerrero

    I am still debating based on my skin tone if it will look good on me.

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