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How to Find the Perfect Nude Nail Color

How to Find the Perfect Nude Nail Color

A nude nail is like a little black dress: beautiful, classic, and it will never go out of style. Of course, just like finding the perfect LBD, finding the perfect nude nail color is easier said than done. There was a time when "nude" referred to only one color, but that time has passed. Nude is not a one-size-fits-all color and there are now plenty of shades to chose from. If you keep in mind your skin color and undertone, then picking out the perfect nude nail color will be an absolute breeze.


Sheer Pink. For fair skin gals, pink is a great neutral tone. It supports the blue and pink tones in your skin and brightens it a little. Brightening your nails will subtly enhance your skin tone and overall look, so a sheer and shiny formula is a top nude color contender. Just make sure you don't layer it on too thick! It's okay to have your nail beds peeking through the polish. Creamy Blush. If you prefer your nail polish to be opaque, then a light, creamy blush will be more up your alley. This color also has the same flattering pink undertones, but can also help to diffuse other fair-skin concerns. If you chose a color with blue or yellow undertones, then they can help to counteract any redness in the skin.


Pink-y Beige. This color will look best on our medium skin tone ladies because it helps to brighten the skin. This shade is also very popular, so looking on-trend will be a snap. Another bonus to this color is it helps to distract from any green veins that might stand out in medium skin tones, and make hands look more youthful. Who knew nail polish could be anti-aging too? Pale Taupe. If you don't like pink, don't worry, a pale brownish beige is also a great color choice. This nude nail color is great for medium skin tones, but make sure you pay attention to undertones. Try to avoid polishes with yellow undertones. Instead of subtly brightening and enhancing your skin, a yellow undertoned nude could pull out the yellow in your skin making you look a little sick instead.


Creamy Beige. Okay, so a creamy beige doesn't sound as exciting as any other color we've mentioned. But for olive skin tones, a creamy beige will look stunning. They highlight the inherit tan in the skin tone while also providing a lovely contrast. What it loses in its name it completely makes up for in how it will look on your nails! Soft Peach. Another option for our olive-toned gals? Peaches. A peach nail polish will make olive skin look warm and glowing. This is a nude nail color you'll want to try especially in the summer months.

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Rosy Beige. If you're a dark skin lady, you're in luck because you can pull off a wide variety of beautiful nude nail colors. But a sure-fire winner? A rosy beige. The beige will keep the color from being too bright but the warm tones of rose will complement and warm up the skin. Try to stay away from greige colors though, because instead of brightening up the skin like the rosy beige, it can create a dull, washed-out effect. Cocoa. Great nudes for dark skin tones are colors in the brown family. Coffee-hued dark browns will look natural and also enhance the skin very subtly. If you're having trouble creating the perfect nude, don't be afraid to layer nail polishes together! Two polishes are always better than one. Nude nails will always look stylish. But this manicure color is pretty versatile, too. If you're stuck in a rut and want to do something a little more exciting than your standard nude nail look, then here are some ideas to play with!
  • Matte nude nails with a glitter accent nail
  • Nude ombre nails
  • Nude nails with rhinestones
  • Chrome nude nails
  • Glitter french tips
  • Gradient nails - every nail is a dark nude than the one before
  • Floral designs on top of nude nails
  • White polka-dots
Now that you know which nude nail color is perfect for you, don't waste time searching the internet for it. 786 Cosmetics has your perfect nude waiting for you here! And don't forget to show us your funky nude manicure over on Instagram by tagging us in your post!
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