Reverse Stamping Nail Art

I got the gorgeous polish Cairo, painted it on my nails, and it just called for some pretty fall stamping! So I decided to practice reverse stamping, a technique I'm working on getting better at.  Here is Cairo on it's own, a beautiful brown shimmery polish.

786 Cosmetics - Cairo. Chocolate brown with silver and copper glitter.  Jelly formula. #786cosmetics #cairo #breathablepolis… | Nail polish, Copper  glitter, Manicure

It's perfect for fall! Nail stamping is where you have a metal plate etched with images, you swipe polish on, go over the plate with the stamper, then press it on your nail. I'll do a post about that soon. Reverse stamping is where you stamp the image on your stamper, color it in with other polishes, let it dry, then press it on your already painted nail, then top coat!

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