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The Top Nail Polish Colors for the Winter Season

The Top Nail Polish Colors for the Winter Season

Winter is here, and it’s time to cycle in new nail polish colors for the season. It is time to start wearing fun and bold colors. These colors will match your excitement of going to a holiday party, putting up decorations, picking out a tree, and all the other fun things that we do during the holidays. Below you will find a variety of colors to match different kinds of personalities. Ready for some ideas and inspiration? Keep reading to find the top nail polish colors for the winter season.

Are There Colors You Can’t Wear in the Winter?

Of course not, you can wear any color you would like at any time of the year. The purpose of specific colors being used in a certain time of year is we want to bring attention to colors that fit the season. You can wear pastels if you want! However, winter is more on the dark side. So you might want to wear colors that represent the dark theme.

Dark Purple

As the days start to grow colder and colder it is a great idea to try out darker nail shades, like a dark purple. The shade of dark purple can vary on what you like, it doesn’t have to be a specific shade. It can be a matte nail polish or one with some shimmer in it. This color will work best for people who like dark rich looking colors. Keep in mind even if you don’t normally go for purples I still recommend you try it out. You may surprise yourself.

Navy Blue

Are you someone who wants a dark looking manicure without committing to black nail polish? Your best bet is to try a navy blue nail polish. The nail polish doesn’t have to be a specific shade of navy blue. It can be a matte nail polish or one with some shimmer in it. Fortunately, the color navy blue gives you a rich dark look that is still fun looking. Also, the color goes with everything!


Red is a color that works for every season and occasion. You really can't go wrong with red nail polish. This color is great because anyone can wear it. Whether you want to be festive or just introduce a brighter color to make you feel more cheery since these months tend to be cold and dreary. You can wear any shade of red you like. If you want to be festive you can wear a brighter red to match candy canes and Rudolph's nose. If you're just looking to wear red because it’s a classic color I would recommend a red more on the burgundy side. It's great because it still gives you that classic feel as well as fits more of the winter theme because it’s on the darker side. This color works best for someone who wants to be festive or for someone who is looking for a timeless look.


Just like red, gold is a color that works for every season and occasion. Gold is a great accessory to any outfit, and anyone can wear it! Metallic nail polish colors are similar to neutral nail polish colors because they go with almost every outfit. Again, you can wear this color to be festive or just to spice up your look for the coming winter months. For as long as I can remember I’ve always seen gold incorporated into holiday decorations. Whether it be ornaments or the little detailing on a holiday painting. Gold can also be great for someone who doesn't like too many accessories or flashy clothes. The gold color will stand out enough on its own, where it doesn't really have to be paired with anything. This color is great for someone who likes a bold look on their nails and doesn’t really mind glitter.

Forest Green

Green nail polish is often a color that is overlooked. It can be so pretty! A forest green color is great for this time of year! One because it matches the whole holiday theme. It matches Christmas trees and wreaths. Two you can wear this color all winter long if you're looking for a unique and bold look! This color will work best for someone who loves bold colors as well as a shiny look. Most of the forest green polishes come with glitter in them. It is forest green but it also gives off an emerald feel as well with the shimmer. I one hundred percent recommend this color. When picking out this color it will seem like it won’t work for you because it looks like a color that wouldn’t work for a lot of people but I tried it and fell and love with it instantly.

Wrapping Up

There are the top nail polish colors for the winter season! What is your go-to nail polish color for the winter season? Are there any colors in this blog post you haven’t tried before? If so, are you going to try it? What color is your favorite on this list? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you! If you need new nail polish head on over to the 786 cosmetics store! Our products are halal, vegan, and cruelty-free. Our products also contain less toxic ingredients, are healthier for you, and made with beauty lovers in mind. You can click here to head on over to our store!
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