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What Your Nail Shape Says About You

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

There are many different nail shapes out there. Your nails are often one of the first things people see when they interact with you, because of this you want your nails to be in good shape. Nails, as well as nail shape, may seem like something insignificant but they do make an impression. Do you want to find out what the shape of your nails mean? Keep on reading below to find what your nail shape says about you.

History of nail shapes

Nail shapes have been constantly changing for the past 100 years. Manicures back in the day used to consist of short, rounded nails. However, over 100 years so many different kinds of nail shapes were made for self-expression. There is square, round, almond, arrowhead, stiletto, etc. Different things affected the nail shape trends, like women entering the workforce made the nail trend become short and natural. Hollywood and the music industry made long nails that had bright colors and/or detailing popular. Nails these days are a very effective way to express yourself.


Square nails are flat on the top and have sharper corners. If you have square nails you are simplistic but also bold. You may go for lighter nail polish colors and light makeup on some occasions but in others, you may go for bolder nail polish colors as well as bolder makeup. Colors that you can be seen wearing if you have square nails are both light and dark.


Squoval nails are just like square nails. The nails have a flat top, but the difference is they have rounded corners. These nails show that you are always with the latest trends and you are confident. Squoval nails also show you love the best of both worlds because the nail shape is the combination of square and oval. Colors you can be seen wearing if you have squoval nails are bright like pink or red, colors that stand out.


Flare nails go up and out, they look like a duck’s bill. If you have flare nails you always speak what's on your mind whether it good or bad. You are always honest as well as blunt, some people love that about you but some people not so much. Colors you can be seen wearing if you have flare nails are bold colors like black, dark red, purple, etc.


Lipstick nails got its name from looking like the cut in a brand new lipstick. This nail shape is very unique. This says you are very outgoing and open to trying new things, you are also not afraid to show who you really are. Colors you can be seen wearing if you have lipstick nails are yellows, oranges, and colors that are bold and uncommon.


Ballerina/Coffin nails were named this because the shape resembles a ballerina slipper as well as a coffin. If you have this nail shape you are edgy and confident. You are down to try any style/nail color whether it has a pop of color or dark and edgy. Colors you can be seen wearing if you have ballerina/coffin nails are light and dark colors.


Edge nails have a triangle point at the end of the nail. If you have edge shaped nails you are seen as hardworking. Every aspect of your life you put your all. You balance family, friends, work, and/or school equally. Also, you balance the important things in your life well everything is always treated equally. You are also a great multi-tasker! Colors you can be seen wearing if you have edge nails are neutral, like light pink, beige, etc.


Arrowhead nails look like exactly how they are named, they look like an arrowhead. Just like people with edge shaped nails, if you have arrowhead-shaped nails you are hardworking. You balance family, friends, work, and/or school equally. You give everything your all. Colors you can be seen wearing are neutral and light.


Oval nails look exactly like their name, they are oval. These nails are more traditional and common, they give you a more feminine look. They show you are very sophisticated, you always look put together, from your clothes to your makeup and nails. You thrive in social situations. Colors you can be seen wearing if you have oval nails are red, pink, purple, beige, grey, etc.


Round nails look exactly how they sound, they are rounded at the top. If you have round nails you are seen as traditional. You have a set routine for your day every day. You rarely ever break your routine and for the most part, you stay in your comfort zone. Colors you might be seen wearing if you have round nails are light colors like beige, lavender, light pink, etc.


Almond nails got their name because they look like almonds. If you have almond nails you are seen as creative and adventurous. You probably have a lot of hobbies under your belt. You enjoy things like nature, painting, drawing, etc. Also, you are always up for road trips or traveling to new places. Colors you can be seen wearing if you have almond nails are silvers, purples, pinks, reds, a variety of colors.

Mountain Peak

Mountain peak nails look like peaks in mountains, they are on the shorter side and they come to a point at the end. If you have mountain peak nails you are seen as intelligent. You can come up with comebacks and great ideas quickly. You have a very sharp mind. Colors you might be seen wearing if you have mountain peak nails are light colors like pink or beige.


Stiletto nails look like mountain peak nails but are longer and sharper. If you have stiletto nails you are seen as daring. Stiletto nails are often seen on people who love long nails and love staying on top of trends. You have a long beauty routine because makeup, nails, and hair are one of your top priorities. Colors you can be seen wearing if you have stiletto nails is any color. You might wear a fun bright color one day, and the next you might have a dark color.

Wrapping up

There you have it, that was what your nail shape say about you. Were you surprised by what your nail shape says about you? Did you agree or disagree? Do you want to change your nail shape now after reading this article? Now that you have read this article you should head over the 786 Cosmetics and pick out some of our great nail polish colors! We have colors that everyone will love. 786 cosmetics has bright colors, dark colors, neutral colors, and a gift box where you can choose your own colors. 786 nail polish is Halal, vegan and cruelty-free. Our products also contain less toxic ingredients, are healthier for you, and made with beauty lovers in mind. Click here to head on over to our store.
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