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4 Muslim Owned Brands

5 Muslim Owned Beauty Brands You Need to Know About

The beauty industry is saturated with brands that showcase their CEO's and founders in PR campaigns, advertisements, and even on their merchandise. Recently, many Muslim owned brands are making their way into the mainstream beauty community and thanks to social media outlets like Instagram and Snapchat, the beauty gurus behind said brands are placing themselves at the forefront of their campaigns and product launches. Although some are big players in the industry that already garner a massive following, some are smaller brands that have made significant waves in the past five years and have placed themselves next to some contemporary giants.

1 . Zukreat
Zukreat Nazar is a British Muslim who has been in the beauty industry for more than a decade. She has been a makeup artist for the last 16 years, catering to south Asian brides, as well as both Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. What started as a Youtube Channel, Artist of Makeup : Zukreat Cosmetics, is a project that has skyrocketed Zukreat to fame and success. According to her website: Features of this unique makeup line are that the range are all highly pigmented with a little product going a long way making it a must for makeup artists and makeup lovers. The colours and shades are varied and bursting in colour allowing endless choice of creativity for the user. The customisable palettes allow you to pick and choose which the colours/shades you want and have been uniquely designed to be transparent in order to enable the artist to immediately recognise the colour or shade they want to use and therefore making it easy to reach for them. This is especially important to Makeup Artists who need to view their makeup at a glance. This successful boss lady is also a wife, and mother, balancing work with mommy duties with grace, transparency, and with faith in mind. Her line features professional makeup palettes and essential tools as well as makeup for every day. The great thing about her brand is that it is affordable and customizable to your own unique needs and taste. Zukreat is also famous for her Youtube tutorials that let her down to earth, lovable personality shine.

2. Ardere Cosmetics

Ardere was co-founded by Amena Khan. The popular British Muslim Youtuber shot to fame almost a decade ago after her hijab company, Pearl Daisy, became a mainstream e-commerce hit for Muslim women all over the world. Amena's Youtube channel boasted hours and hours of content from intricate and unique hijab tutorials, to reviews and real life chats on faith and family. Amena was what the internet needed way back when. From there, she developed a liking for makeup. Her videos included more and more makeup reviews and hauls as well as makeup tutorials. Within a few years, she had developed a brand and began teasing products to her now 593k Instagram followers. Ardere Cosmetics was born. Cruelty free, high quality, luxury makeup. With a range of eyeshadow palettes, concealers, highlighters, and glitters, Ardere is emerging as a mainstream competitor. Prices are affordable and their eyeshadow palettes are often noted as being dupes for Huda Beauty obsession eyeshadow palettes. Also a wife and mother two, Amena not only runs Ardere, she is also CEO of Pearl Daisy and Lashionery, her own brand of false lashes.

3. Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is an Iraqi American beauty mogul who has taken the industry by storm. Raised in the States, Huda later made the move to Dubai where she launched Huda Beauty alongside her sisters Mona and Alya, and husband Chris. From humble blogging beginnings to launching her first product - the famous Huda mink lashes, Huda has come a long way. Her brand now features some of the world's best selling products including her faux lashes, liquid lipsticks, foundation, and desert dusk eyeshadow palettes and a recently launched under eye baking powder. Huda also launched a new Facebook Watch series titled, Huda Boss. This reality-tv style online show follows Huda and her family as they navigate the beauty business from their office in Dubai. It follows Huda's journey as she attempts to find work-life balance in her hectic life as CEO of Huda Beauty. Huda is one the most well known Middle Eastern, Muslim entrepreneurs today. Her brand has catapulted her to fame and she continues to work to make her brand the best in the world.

4. Farsali

Farah Dhukai was Youtube's golden DIY gal. She had DIY tutorials for absolutely everything. The Canadian fashion and beauty guru has hundreds of videos on all things skin, hair, nails, makeup. What made her shoot to fame however, were her quick and easy DIY videos that she began uploading to Instagram. Her now 6.2 million Instagram followers may or may not recall that it was indeed Farah that popularized the now infamous "Instagram Tutorial" video. The brand Farsali was born a few years into her Instagram fame. The name itself is a play on Farah's name, and that of her husband's. Farah's husband Ali, was in fact a major part of the project. Yahoo mentions in an early interview: Ali, who worked in the digital and e-commerce space, says his natural curiosity and fascination with Dhukai’s regimen made him ask questions that someone who isn’t as fluent in the beauty world would ponder. “This led me to noticing a very clear gap between skin care and makeup. There was no product that worked both as skin care and with makeup, and I wanted to give her that,” he says. “That’s what Farsali is really about: It’s the place where makeup and skin care meet and fall in love.”

“I created Farsali as a gift for my wife,” Ali tells Yahoo Beauty. “We are more than just husband and wife — we’re best friends, so we talk to each other about everything.”

Soon Farsali became a Sephora best seller. Her unicorn essence is still one of the most used and most popular primer serums today. Recently, the brand launched a Jelly Beam highlighting gel that has also become a hit. Farah on the other hand, has remained true to what shot her to fame in the first place, she still regularly posts DIY videos on her Instagram.


In 2017 Ibraheem Nadeem was on the hunt for the perfect gift for his now-wife, Zuni, and through this, he ended up creating an entire jewelry line and founded his company - ZUDO. Their culturally inspired jewelry collection is designed with meaning and thrives on creating a highly personal experience for each customer. Their pieces highlight your identity and promote self-worth. Conscious jewelry for the conscious hearted.  

The quality of their jewelry is timeless - you can shower, swim or sleep with them on every day and they won’t tarnish! Their style minimal, and ZUDO's customer service is “unparalleled” (Ahmad Al-Sayeed).

Ibraheem and Zuni take their brand one step further. Purchasing from ZUDO means that you are an agent of change. ZUDO's mission is to break the silence on topics that are considered taboo in most cultures. They primarily focus on promoting mental health and supporting victims of sexual violence. In every package, they include information that provides you with tools on how to play your part in making a difference. Simply encouraging customers to have a conversation about these important issues is a powerful first step on the journey of raising awareness.

Not only do they have a stunning jewelry collection,but ZUDO also makes a difference. They have partnered up with 2 charitable organizations: Heart Women & Girls; and MannMukti in order to raise funding and provide support to those who need it.

Supporting their company allows them to continue supporting others, in order to fuel cultural change. 

Visit ZUDO

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