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Eid gift ideas for everyone

Eid gift ideas for everyone

The best time of year for Muslims is the blessed month of Ramadan. A month of spiritual rejuvenation and personal growth. The benefits of Ramadan go beyond simply fasting and abstaining from food and water. This holy month brings an opportunity to rid ourselves of our lowest desires and break the hold of our egos. At the end of such a rigorous month, lay another blessed day; Eid is one of Islam's other holiest days. This year, Eid or Eid-ul-Fitr, will take place sometime in early June. Preparing for Eid is something Muslims tend to do well in advance. When it comes to Eid gifts and outfits in particular, the earlier the better. Sometimes, living in the West, it can be hard to find Eid gifts. It's not like any other commercialized holiday in the year like Easter or Christmas. Go to the mall and you will rarely find any Eid decor or Eid specific gifts. The good news however, is that there are more and more Muslim owned companies that are making their way into the mainstream. You can now find Eid themed wrapping paper and gift bags as well as an abundance of gifts for anyone in the family. We've curated an extensive list so that you don't have to worry about last minute Eid shopping this year! While you're at it, you'll also be supporting local, Muslim businesses. Now that's Eid spirit!
  1. For the little girl in your life

[embed][/embed]   Leena's Hijabs is a custom hijab brand that caters to toddlers, little girls, tweens, and adult women. They have an array of colourful, whimsical, and playful patterns to choose from. The best part? The company is run by a mother-daughter duo who wanted to design hijabs that empowered young girls. Forget about the drabby, tacky, old-school one piece hijabs you used to wear to Sunday school! Leena's hijabs offer a fun alternative. You can customize your daughter's, niece's, or sister's name on the hijab or add a cute logo instead. "I saw how empowered my daughter felt when I gave her the job of designing prints for our hijab collection. I wanted to pass on this empowerment to other girls, too. That’s why we have a “design-your-own-hijab” option! You and your girl can choose a style, print, color, and customized embellishment to create a one-of-a-kind hijab that’s just as unique as both of you!"   [embed][/embed]  

2. For the new mom

[embed][/embed]   Whether you want to treat yourself, or a special new mama in your life, Knooz Designs has you covered. From eco friendly and chemical free teethers, to cushions, and baby keffiyah bibs, you are sure you have enough options to find that perfect gift. Handmade Beginnings is another great place to shop. With adorable finger puppets, cushions, Islamic Alphabet nursery door hangers and so much more, you're set. [embed][/embed]  

3. For the babies and toddlers

[embed][/embed] Bubu & Lulu offer a variety of fun building blocks and activity books for the toddler and little munchkins in your life. For the little girls who are into dolls, Salam Sisters is a great choice. Instead of warped barbies, why not give her a relatable, Muslim girl doll that shows her it's ok to be herself! [embed][/embed] Another fantastic place to shop is Eastern Toybox. Almost like a toy/boardgame/puzzle/book/prayer mat superstore! You can find something for everyone here, whatever the age!   [embed][/embed]  

4. For your Mom & Dad

[embed][/embed] What better way to say Eid mubarak than to give the gift of fair and wages and empowerment to refugee women at the same time? Sitti Soap does just that. They offer a variety of luxurious, high quality gift packages and all the olive oil that is used to make the soaps is ethically sources from ancient olive trees in the Jordan Valley. It's a great social enterprise to back and support. [embed][/embed] Or why not opt for a hand painted piece by Saleha Art? [embed][/embed] A stunning piece from this Muslim owned business for mom? They also have pieces for men!

5. For your brother

[embed][/embed]   Let's be serious, you really can't go wrong with socks. Ever. Especially not Halal Socks.

6. For your Sister

Dara Boutique has all your abaya needs in one spot! Or why not opt for a hijab with a twist from Honey Hijabs?
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