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Establish A Healthy Fitness Regime That You Can Keep

Establish A Healthy Fitness Regime That You Can Keep

Written by: Carin Timskog Everyone knows that it’s beneficial to be physically active. Almost all women likes to be toned and in good shape. Many women are struggling. They are trying hard to get lean and lose weight, and they are easily jumping on all various diets and intensive workouts they come across. But many times this ends up in just another “failure” and disappointment. In this blog post I’ll guide you to how to establish a healthy fitness regime that you can keep. Establish a healthy regime OK, so there are some different components involved to make your fitness routine beneficial. Some people say that you cannot love to workout, you should merely focus on your results, and that’s how your motivation will increase. I strongly disagree with this though. Yes, you’ll be more motivated every time you hit a new goal and when you’re progressing, but I want to focus on something different.   I want to make you love what you do. Because, then you’ll chase that feeling of feeling awesome, and you’ll have a positive addiction. Of course you can start to love exercise. You just have to find what works for you, and what will bring you the results that you’re looking for.   In order to find what works for you, you need to start from where you are at. If you’re new to exercise, being a new mum or haven’t done any fitness in years; you need to start from the beginning. I always recommend my clients to start with body weight training and specifically with the glutes and deep abdominals. Starting with the basics and building up the body from within, will give you the foundation to later continue with strength training, running, high intensity training or any other activity that you want to do. Many women are completely inactive however, and then decide to lose weight, starts dieting and then starts with high intensity training like tabata or other similar exercise. That’s like a shock for the body and mind! Often, this doesn’t last long, which creates a negative roller coaster in regards to the health. Establish a healthy regime Ramadan is the perfect time to establish good fitness habits that actually can last. Because, you have the chance to start small. And that’s what it’s practically is about: start small and build a foundation. When you have the core strength and habit of being physically active, progress and build upon your foundation. To end up this writing, I’m reminding myself first and foremost, as always, to remember your sincere why. When your intention is clear, it’s easier to keep going. I guess everyone wants to feel great. Probably all women wants to feel confident, have high level of self-esteem and feel awesome, both physically and mentally, about themselves. A regular fitness regime can make you feel that way. Perhaps that is one of your deep and sincere “whys”. With that in mind, focus on that during your workouts. Focus on feeling awesome, as your building your good habits during Ramadan, that even are possible to continue with after.   Do you have a sister that needs to read this, or that you want to buddy up with and share your fitness journey? Share this blog post with her! Sharing is caring.   Thank you & Energetic Regards, Carin BIO: Carin is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach from Sweden, with twenty years of experience within the fitness industry. She’s a stay-at-home mum in Morocco, while she’s also working online with her female, online coaching clients.   A special thank you to our guest blogger, Carin Timskog. You can find her on Instagram on the account @energizedmuslimah and her blog at
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