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Nail color for pale skin.

Nail Color for Pale Skin

Choosing the right nail color for pale skin can look a lot like this:

You find the PERFECT shirt online, and order it right away. A few days later, you eagerly try it on straight out of the package only to realize that the color completely washes out your pale skin. 

Disappointed, you give the shirt to your tan best friend and secretly wish you could wear any color just like her. 

Well, sadly, this same situation can happen with your nail polish if you do not choose wisely.

The truth is, not all colors will compliment all skin tones, and it is important to be aware of which looks will be most flattering for your coloring. When shopping for the best nail polishes, use these tips to choose the right nail color for pale skin. 

Pay Attention to the Listing Photo

When choosing your color online, it is important to pay attention to any display photos featuring the polish. Professionals are well aware of how to choose the best nail color for pale skin, and they will certainly cast their hand models accordingly. 

If a color features lighter colored skin, then you can expect it will be a fit for you, too. 

If you’d like to see our colors on real customers, check out our Instagram for some pale nail color inspiration. 

Aim for Contrast

Similar to how paler ladies typically stray away from white and pale pinks when choosing their wardrobe, it might be best to follow this philosophy for your nail polish, too. 

Unfortunately, this means that soft baby pink may not be the right choice for you, but that does not mean other colors won’t be stunning on you!

Aim for bold or dark colors, as both of these options will allow for your manicure to truly pop. In addition, they will enhance the appearance of your natural skin tone, giving it a healthy glow.

Know What to Avoid

While it can feel limiting to find the best nail color for pale skin, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Ultimately, it is important to understand which tones it is best to stray away from. 

Because pale skin often has a cooler hint, your best bet would be to avoid cool polish shades. Specifically, colors in the pale blue, green, grey, and purple families are probably best to steer clear of. 

Shop These Suggestions

Still not completely sure how to choose the right nail color for pale skin? No worries! Take some of our suggestions. 

Check out this dark pink polish for a fun and lively summer color. 

For the fall, we like these autumn tones like this shade here. Or, for something a little more unique, check out this shade Istanbul.”

Lastly, for the winter time, we always love a strong pop of red. You can’t go wrong with this color here, or this one, as well. 

Express Yourself

While all of these tips and tricks can be helpful to choose the most flattering nail color for pale skin, at the end of the day, it is most important for you to choose colors and styles that are most fun for you. 

So if you have pale skin but love a baby blue nail, then go ahead and rock it! Can’t get a tan, but love white nails? Who cares! You do you. 

While fashion “rules” might have some legitimacy to them, there are no fashion police making sure you abide by them. So if you are desperately looking to create the most flattering manicure, then go ahead and implement some of the tips included above. 

Ultimately, painting your nails is supposed to be a fun and unique way for you to express your individual style. Enjoy the fun of trying new things!

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