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What does modest mean?

What Does Modest Mean in the Muslim World?

It's challenging to define modesty because it's a virtue that is frequently described by whether or not something is revealing or not. Continue reading to learn more about modesty.

What is Modesty?

In the Muslim religion, simplicity, humility, and temperance are fundamental human virtues, and modesty is one of them. It is the polar opposite of vanity and arrogance, two character qualities that have gained much traction in today's environment. A modest individual does not require or desire to brag about something.

Being free of vanity, egotism, boastfulness, pretensions, conspicuous luxury, and ostentation is what modesty entails. Modesty is defined as a reasonable or humble view of one's worth. Modesty encompasses decencies of conduct, language, and, yes, clothes.

Beauty in Modesty

Modesty is empowering and far more valuable and beautiful than the world's definition of making a woman or man attractive. This is because modesty and love are inextricably linked. One way we love our neighbor and honor God is to live and dress modestly.

We liberate ourselves from the obligation always to put our best foot forward. We can be humble and modest as a result of this.

We have a more profound sense of our actual individual value when we respect ourselves enough to resist society's demand always to appear our best.

When we embrace modesty, we cease comparing our qualities, accomplishments, character, attire, finances, and residences to others.

We become more modest, caring, and less judgmental while also increasing our confidence in who we indeed are.

Modest Fashion

what does modest mean

The rise of modest fashion has given voice to Muslim women and everyone who desires to dress in a way that exposes less skin. It has made women feel less self-conscious and anxious about how they dress. We are reminded that we do not have to worry about what people think of us, and that we can be modest and fashionable at the same time.

Wearing stylish clothes that hide one's skin is referred to as modest fashion. Alternatively, you can make a style or trend more "modest" to meet your comfort level by modifying it. Modest fashion has shattered the industry's glass barrier, which formerly prevented a populace from participating in its trends. 

And dressing "modestly" does not imply dressing in a shabby manner. Modest fashion has provided women globally not only representation but also confidence. Because of the rise of modest fashion, we women no longer feel alone when others ask why we chose to layer a particular outfit. 

While new fashion trends are arriving daily, the fashion influencers have motivated us to attempt new styles. Most importantly, we no longer feel self-conscious about wearing modest clothing or how I desire. Modest fashion teaches us that dressing well does not require us to dress “less.” We can transform any fashion into our style by making or altering it.

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World-famous Instagram fashion influencers and fashion inspos cover their shoulders, and runway-ready ensembles are all about long sleeves and hiding cleavages. The modesty movement isn't going anywhere, but what does it mean to dress modestly?

Longer sleeves and hemlines, and bottoms that reach below the knees are all considered modest clothing guidelines. There's also a lot to be said about how to make a short dress more modest, which includes things like layers and relaxed fits. That being said, here are a few styles of how to dress modestly but stylishly for any event!

Loose and Relaxed

While those charming yoga pants and cutesy leggings with psychedelic prints can provide a lot of coverage, they're usually too body-hugging for someone learning how to be a modest woman. So, how should one dress modestly, and what is the concept of modest clothing? With a long tunic for coverage and to keep off any unwanted attention, you can maintain tight-fitting apparel pleasant and modest.

While modest clothing dictates looser, more relaxed fits, this does not mean you should wear baggy, ugly apparel! Choose casual fits that flatter from every angle to emphasize your figure, such as gathered waists, matching sash belts, or a tie front.

You can wear straight, boot cut, or even slim fit denim jeans as long as you pair them with a loose-fitting, blousy, bohemian shirt. They're fantastic for comfort and versatility, and they're also great for modestly wearing leggings!

Luxurious layers

If you think that being a modest lady means avoiding midriff-baring tops and strapless dresses, you're wrong! When it comes to making a short dress more modest, layers come to the rescue. You can wear crop tops with a high-waist skirt during this hot season. To achieve a similar look without exposing any flesh, make sure the bottom hem of your crop top reaches the bottom hem of your high-waist pants.

The classic cuts and flowy fabric make you seem absolutely stunning and perfectly compliment your curves! You can also employ these layers to make see-through lace pieces suit your particular concept of modest attire, such as strapless pieces and tube dresses. Lace and flowy layers provide a delicate illusion without requiring you to show anything underneath, which is why you must love those layers!

Stylish Fabrics

Chiffon and cotton, as well as flowy long-sleeve midi dresses, are ideal for the modest look you're looking for. A lovely flowery or brightly colored maxi dress with dazzling motifs and designs also work well—they don't need to be layered or covered because they're already fresh and fantastic!

Bottom Line

So, to summarise, what is modest fashion, and why is it vital to wear modestly? Modesty refers to the ability to dress appropriately without excessively revealing while being casually cool and elegant and feeling comfortable in your skin without relying on your attire.

You could be off to impress clients at work, resting around the house, or going shopping with your girlfriends on a fun ladies' day out. Whatever you're up to, modest fashion has and will always have your back, literally and figuratively! Visit our website and follow our Instagram account for more updates!


Author: Sara Kamran

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