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Crafts and Decorations for Eid

Crafts and Decorations for Eid

Eid is finally upon us! It's crazy to think that within a few days, Ramadan will be over. This strange feeling can only be described as the epitome of bitter sweet. Ramadan is one of the most wonderful, blessed, and most needed times of the year and seeing it go is like seeing a beloved one leave after a long awaited visit. It's sad knowing you may not see them again, but at the same time, you have spent the past month with your beloved and have grown as a person both spiritually and mentally. Eid is a time to celebrate the fact that Ramadan was such a special time for us. Eid is a time to celebrate and glorify our Creator and be thankful to Him that we were able to witness and experience the holiest time of the year. Eid is just another blessing and mercy from God and it comes after a long month of restraint, commitment, spiritual purification, and deepened introspection. Eid comes as a reminder that God's Mercy is everywhere and truly, He alone is worthy of praise and worship. Eid is a time for families coming together, for dinners and parties, celebration and fun for the whole family. It's that time of year when we really ought to make a special effort for the young kids in our families. They should be just as excited on Eid as their friends are excited for Easter or Christmas. So go all out! This Eid, why not opt to take it up a notch, get the family involved, invest in a glue gun, and do everything yourself when it comes to decor, food, and all things prep?  

Mini Eid Pinatas

pinata party craft design for eid   Sweet Fajr is your haven for all things DIY! These mini pinatas are easy to make, super fun, and can be customized to your own taste.  

DIY Eid Party Napkin Rings

DIY party napkin ring craft design decoration for eid   Is it even Eid without Eid dinner? And is it even Eid dinner without lanterns sprawled around every nook and cranny of the house? Obviously not. Why not add a whimsical flair to your table set up this Eid and make your own napkin ring set?  

Eid Sugar Cookies

baking sugar cookies for eid party Who doesn't love a good, basic sugar cookie? Here's the perfect recipe if you want to showcase a plate full of moon and star cookies at this year's Eid party. The best part with these cookies is that you can get the entire family involved in decorating and adding their own designs to the different shapes.  

Eid Mubarak Gift Tags

party gift tag designs for eid presents A major part of Eid is gift giving. One of the frustrations a lot of us face whilst living in the West is that we can rarely, if ever, find any Eid themed gift tags at the mall. Sweet Fajr has you covered though - again. With her printable Eid tags, you can customize and label and gift to your heart's content!  

DIY Eid Masjid Banner

hanging banner craft design decoration for eid party You can use card stock, felt, foil, anything you have in your craft box, to spruce up the decor this Eid. With a Spin's perfect tutorial will help you get this beautiful garland ready for Eid day.  

Eid Mubarak Bunting Flags

hanging party bunting flag design decoration craft for eid Sometimes simplicity is key. When it comes to Eid decor, it's nice to find something easy, affordable, and cute. It gives you more mental and physical energy to worry about other things! In My Studio offers just that - a free pdf download for their eid banners.  

DIY Flower Monogram EID

party craft monogram flower design decoration for eid This stunning decor idea is doable with cheap materials that can be sourced entirely from the dollar store - what's better than that? Sweet Fajr created this beautiful Eid sign on her Instagram but a detailed tutorial on the general procedure itself can be found in this video.  

Eid Party Crackers

party popper cracker decoration craft design for eid These festive party crackers can be filled with mini treats like chocolates, gold coins, and dates. They add a colorful and fun vibe to your dinner and are super easy to make yourself. Martha Stewart has a DIY tutorial that can be found here.  

Prayer Mat Cookies

craft baking cookies shaped like prayer mat for eid Hello Holy Days has created a fun twist on the basic graham cracker cookie with these adorable prayer mat cookies. The follow along instructions and ingredient list can be found here.  

Eidi Felt Envelopes

craft party felt envelope decoration design for eid   Handing out money to younger children is an old tradition of Eid. It's something we all looked forward to growing up. The are the perfect no-sew Eidi envelopes to get the kids even more excited and really into the Eid spirit. Hello Holy Days has a step by step guide here.  

Eid Mubarak  - May God accept all our good deeds and grant us the chance to meet Ramadan once again next year

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