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hijab haute

Best Tips for A Hijab Haute

What does Hijab Haute mean? In the Hijabi world of fashion, this means fashionably elegant or high-class. Want to learn more about how you can have the best Hijab Haute look? We have covered it all.

These modern and sophisticated clothes look and feel too good to be true. We must remain educated when it comes to the ideas that regard Hijab Haute. This may have crossed the mind of every other Hijabi out there; this is why we found the best ideas to style your Hijab Haute. 

hijab haute

Misconceptions of Hijab Haute 

Dressing modestly and wearing a Hijab doesn't mean you can't be top tier when it comes to fashion. These tips below are best for Hijabis who want to stand out of the crowd with their style statements. 

Let's Get Started

1. Pick The Correct Type

As a Hijabi, you might know the different styles and types of Hijab wearing out there. 

To find the best fit for you, try on the ones that best fit your face and stick to one style. Then you will choose one to be worn as your casual, one formal, and the third semi-formal. And if you have more choices, that is great! You can switch up styles now and then. 

hijab haute

But it's advisable always to wear your Hijab in a way that complements your face. For example, if you have an oval facial structure and want to shorten it, we recommend not wearing your Hijab high; that would make your face appear longer. 

On the other hand, if you have a circular or rounder facial structure, then try to give some volume to your Hijab to give your face some length. 

Just like that, try to find out what works best for you before jumping to any conclusions. 

2. Contrasting Colors

Underneath your Hijab is your hair covered up, meaning that you have to make your Hijab your crown. One easy mistake some Hijabis make is wearing the same colored Hijab as their top. As a Hijab enthusiast, I strictly condemn this action. 

hijab haute

One way to avoid this fashion mishap is to wear contrasting colors with your dress to your Hijab. Wearing the same colors can go wrong, leaving you with a fascinating look. 

Wearing colors on your head that outline and highlight your outfit can add definition, and what's better than that? It will be an epitome to bring your attire together without trying too hard. Contrasting your colors can create the perfect Hijab Haute. 

3. No Distracting Pins

Forget contrasting colors; what do you think the most distracting Hijabi fashion mistake is? Your pins showcase themselves and not any pins, specifically those you used to tighten your Hijab. 

It's okay if you don't know how to hide your pins yet subtlety, or you weren't aware of this regulation of wearing a Hijab before; hop on a YouTube tutorial; it's never too late to learn. 

hijab haute

The only reason these showcased pins are hated so much is that they make your Hijab look messy and not correctly done. This can cause your whole outfit to be thrown off, and the look of the Hijab Haute is lost. 

4. Eyewear

Let me be honest here, Hijabi's rock eyewear like no other. That is because they don't have hair to get stuck in their glasses or cause a distraction. 

hijab haute

Next time, we suggest you buy yourself a chic pair of glasses; actually, get many of them while you are at it. You can keep a pair for every niche of outfit, formal, casuals, etc. Trust me; they add up to the whole look. Accessories are everything!

5. Jewelry

Speaking of accessories, I've seen Hijabis miss out on a whole lot of exciting jewelry because they won't show over a Hijab; my question is, WHY? Let me tell you what you are missing! 

You can always wear necklaces over your Hijab; trust me, they look no less than under your Hijab or try Hijab styles that let you showcase your neck; why not go for them? If you are not comfortable with that option, go for long pendants; there are a variety you can choose from, and they never go out of fashion. 

hijab haute

Now let's talk about earrings. Are you missing out on these beautiful wearables? Let me tell you something; earrings hide behind hair, and your Hijab is the perfect way to showcase them.

There are a billion ways you can tie your Hijab in a way that lets you dangle those big loops or dangers; why not go for them? A little sparkle with your Hijab will ultimately let you pull off the best fashionista look for your next big event. 

6. Nail Polish

You didn't see this coming, but putting on a dazzling contrasting color will bring your lookout even more. Let me tell you how. You see, most Hijabis dress modestly, and the only skin showing is their hands and face, maybe feet, that's it. Why not give these areas an extra special touch? 

Don't worry; there is a solution to standard nail polish with high-quality halal nail polish. Yeah, these nail polishes are halal because they are breathable, which means water and air can enter quickly through them without damaging the color or quality. 

hijab haute

Let's take this beautiful Pink Nail Polish Set (3 Piece) by 786 Cosmetics. These colors are perfect for every season and modest, something a Hijabi would love. But don't worry, this is only a glimpse; there are many more options on nail polish sets and individuals you can choose.

Why miss out on something so unique and life-changing? Now you will be able to wear your favorite color without the worry of praying because ablution will be valid with these halal nail polishes. 

Now You're A Hijab Haute Expert! 

Being a Hijabi doesn't mean missing out on fashion trends and pulling back from the world. Hijab Haute is something anyone can obtain. Rock your look the best way you can with some extra special touches here and there accompanied by beautiful nails using halal nail polishes. 

If you are looking for more inspiration on how to style your nails accordingly, how about visiting our Instagram page? We've plenty of new styles to launch! 

Look into them now before they become the talk of the town, be the first to wear and flaunt it. You'll look incredible doing it! 

Author: Saba Khalil

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