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The History Behind Nail Polish

The History Behind Nail Polish

Does it seem that nail polish is something that has just been around forever? Well, it hasn't been forever, but it's pretty close. Many people don't know that there is an extensive history behind nail polish and that people have been using it to make a statement for centuries. So, where did nail polish come from? Why was it popular? How has it changed over the years? We have the answers to all of these questions and more. Are you ready for a crash course on nail polish history? Let's jump in.  

Starting in China

The history of nail polish starts in China around 3,000 BC.  At first, metallic colors were favored. These included silver and gold hues. Later, these favorites were replaced by royal colors, red and black. During the Ming dynasty, nail polish was made out of just a few ingredients.  The surprisingly simple mixture included ingredients like egg whites, beeswax and vegetable dyes.  

Color matters

Just like in China, there were also color preferences as nail polish became popular in Egypt. However, this time color mattered for a different reason to the culture. The color of nail polish that someone wore was actually an indicator of their economic class. Lower classic wore pale colors, while higher classes wore dark reddish brown colors with henna. Even mummified pharaohs would have their nails painted with henna as a sign of status. It was very popular for nails to have a deep, painted on color. This was seen as fashionable.  

Polish is in

By the ninth century, people started to leave the painted look behind for polished. This look was achieved by using tinted and scented nail oils to achieve the sought-after shine. Later, tinted powders and creams became popular. After they were applied, these formulas were buffed to also get a high level of shine.  


Today, everyone likes to do their nails differently. From matte to a high shine, plain and designed, there is something for everyone. However, people are starting to catch on to the number of toxic ingredients used in nail polish by some cosmetics companies. There's no need to use these formulas anymore. There are a number of companies, including 786 Cosmetics, that create formulas that are free of harsh chemicals and contain better ingredients. The best part? You don't have to sacrifice quality. These polishes are still long lasting and leave your nails looking great without being harmful.  

Wrapping Up

Nail polish has come a long way. From basic ingredients to a sign of status and style, it's purpose has evolved over time. However, one thing has not changed. They still serve as a great way to express your personality! That is the reason why many people still choose to use nail polish to make a statement about themselves and their style. Are you looking to update your collection of colors? We've got you covered! Click here to visit our store to shop our unique range of nail polishes that are free of harsh chemicals, vegan and wudu friendly.
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