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What Makes Cosmetics Halal?

What Makes Cosmetics Halal?

There are many beauty products on the market and a lot of them are not Halal. It’s very important to know what to look for in cosmetics to find what products are Halal. The cosmetics need to contain permissible ingredients. Most cosmetic brands include ingredients that are not permissible. They may have something in or about them that are not Halal. Interested in learning what makes cosmetics Halal? Keep on reading below to find what makes cosmetics Halal and how to find them.

Islamic Law

For cosmetics to be Halal they need to contain permissible ingredients. This means the cosmetics need to be free of any ingredients that practicing Muslims are not allowed to consume according to Islamic law. Some examples are, the cosmetics can’t contain ingredients from forbidden animals and/or alcohol. This is especially important for cosmetics.

Why Do You Need to Know about Non-Permissible Ingredients?

You need to know about non-permissible ingredients in cosmetics because your skin absorbs the product, which means your absorbing the non-permissible ingredient. For example, lipstick is possibly consumable while you eat, drink, or talk. So, the lipstick has to have all permissible ingredients.

No Alcohol

Cosmetics that contain alcohol aren't permissible under Islamic law. Alcohol is not a permissible ingredient. The consumption of alcohol is forbidden by Qur’an. Since your skin absorbs whatever product on it, the product is technically consumed. That’s why it’s important for the product to contain no alcohol.

No Animal-Derived Ingredients

For cosmetics to be Halal they cannot contain any animal-derived ingredients. Some examples of non-Halal ingredients are:
  • Animal fat
  • Gelatin
  • Anything from pigs
  • Anything from carnivorous animals
Unfortunately, animal fat, gelatin, pig-derived, and carnivorous animal-derived ingredients are common. They're in many cosmetics. These ingredients appear in cosmetics because they’re cheaper than the alternative. (Plant-based ingredients).


Lastly, Halal cosmetics need to be cruelty-free. Practicing Muslims believe people must treat animals with respect and kindness. This means that animals cannot have cruel treatment, and people may not hunt and/or fight them for sport. The animals also may not be neglected, overworked, or factory farmed. Halal beauty products need to be cruelty-free because in animal testing people hurt animals. This is against Islamic Law.

Wrapping up

There’s your crash course. Now it is easier for you to identify what makes cosmetics Halal. It’s important for more of these products to be available and accepted. Fortunately, over time more of these products are becoming popular, and that is a great thing. If you are looking for Halal products or you want to try a Halal product, try our nail polish! Just click here to head on over to the 786 Cosmetics store where you will find a variety of color options, and find the perfect Halal nail polish for you!
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