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5 Healthy Beauty Trends You Should Know About

5 Healthy Beauty Trends You Should Know About

There are some pretty awesome beauty trends happening right now. These aren't all about beauty either. Healthy beauty trends are heating up, and people all over the world have a lot to get excited about. Many of these trends will be better for us in the long run. Curious about what these trends are and if they will last beyond this year? Here's a look at the top healthy beauty trends.

Natural beauty

Everyone loves a great makeup look. However, this doesn't have to mean that everyone is covered in bold, rich color. People are going make-up free or choosing to use less make-up to let more of their natural beauty shine through. Even celebrities are ditching full coverage looks. Everyone is embracing the skin that they're in.

More concentrated skin care

Speaking of skin, more concentrated skin care is also trending. Have you noticed that everyone is loving masks lately? They make skin look amazing, and leave us wanting more skin products. This trend means more than blurring or minimizing imperfections. Many people are choosing products that are going to make their skin better as a whole. More skin focused supplements are expected to come on the market as well. Treating your body the same way you treat your face Have you ever thought about the other products you put on your body? From lotions to nail polish, sometimes these formulas contain some scary ingredients. In the past, people haven't really thought about it, only caring about what they put on their face. However, as we are starting to recognize these harmful ingredients, brands are pulling toxic products from the shelves. Instead, we're getting more carefully crafted products.

Vegan & cruelty-free products

Vegan and cruelty-free products are better for you and better for animals. The bottom line is, why use ingredients derived from animals if it is unnecessary? Why test on animals when there are more advanced options. Vegan and cruelty-free products can work just as well and usually contain more natural ingredients. It's a win-win for everyone.

Breathable cosmetics

Cosmetics that are breathable and light in texture are on the rise. It's healthier to let your skin (or nails - in the case of products like ours) breathe. Using these products also results in a stunning and more natural look. Customers have always been asking for these products, but as more buyers see the benefits, companies are listening. Everything from breathable foundation to blush and nail polish is now available. The number of these products on the market will continue to rise.

Wrapping up

Aren't healthy beauty trends the best beauty trends? Beauty doesn't have to come with such harmful consequences. You can have a high-quality cosmetic product without putting yourself at risk. We have access to more information now than ever before. We can use that knowledge to skip toxic products and let companies know what our new expectations are. Interested in picking up nail polish that is healthy and safe? You can shop our selection at 786 Cosmetics by clicking here.
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