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The Thing About Your Attitude: A Mindset Quote List

The Thing About Your Attitude: A Mindset Quote List

Bismillah. Our mindset and our own thoughts. Read through this mindset quote list to get inspired to turn around your attitude and look at each situation in your life with a positive light.

The amazing sister Sirin Hamsho, that I respect so much, said this mindset quote in her YouTube video Hajar: “..that greatest obstacle between us and achieving our aims may be ourselves.” SubhanAllah. The month of December is here, and in many cultures there will be extra temptations of foods and time for families to gather. So let’s get focused on how to approach it in a healthy way!

(I'm pregnant!)

I’ve been blessed with amazing sisters in my life Alhamdulillah. Positive, strong, honest and super sweet. Sisters that make life easier and inspiring. We love each other for the sake of Allah and for ourselves. I know however that there are many sisters that are sad and that are struggling with their religion and with their faith. This isn’t about that though, but this is about our own mindset and approach to life. Or merely understanding about life.

"How we feel in our hijab, or lack of it, how we feel about life and how we live from day to day. Because what we think about life and what we think about ourselves effects us, and effects our health. It’s all connected."

When we know who Allah SWT is, when we know that all power is with Allah SWT, and when we trust in Allah SWT and when we know that everything that happens to a believer is good; we will feel different in our heart and soul. We will feel submission in shaa Allah. Then, when we have that inner strength and deep level of thankfulness, nothing can move us on the outside. Then we can work strongly on all tasks, not being sad for this and that, just moving forward in shaa Allah. Life falls into place. Alhamdulilah. mindset quote heart Similarly when it comes to our eating habits, fitness routine and mindset about food, I don’t believe in that we as Muslims should be in bad health caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices, making one lazy and tired. Even though the society might sometimes told you this “shviya, shviya..” (slowly, slowly…). “Laa, no sister, I want to feel alive and I live, shukran, thank you...”

"And just because your attempts to change your lifestyle before weren’t successful, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to level up your lifestyle this time. We are on a journey, and when we want, we can always learn and try new things in shaa Allah. Alhamdulillah."

Putting the things together. Knowing that a healthy lifestyle is part of the perfect religion of Islam, that creates another huge reason to take care of your health. I read in another book that we as Muslims should be distinct in our appearance of being clean, well groomed without showing off or having clothes that is an adornment in itself. To give dawah and tell the people around us of the message of Islam, we need to feel well and to be strong. We need to attract others to come to Islam, just like a smile is sadaqah and charity. Alhamdulillah. We shouldn’t be extreme, we should follow the middle part; in the religion as well as with our health. That is so fundamental.

"No need to follow (and it's better if you don’t follow) the All-or-Nothing-principle."

Just because you maybe like me, had your own time for workouts before, maybe you don’t have that now as a mum. Find the middle way that you can manage, which then will give you the results you want in shaa Allah. Workout 3-4 times strength training at home, 30 min-1 hour. Walk outside 1-2 times a week, and bring your kid or kids with you in the push-chair, unless you can get some time for yourself. If you’re married, your husband will surely be super happy and thankful too in shaa Allah, when you want to take care of yourself even more.

"Believe in yourself and ask for help."

When it comes to food, find the middle ground that works. Look at food as something that nourishes you, not as a punishment or that you “have to be on a diet”. It’s not what it is about, but a healthy eating routine is rather a way to empower yourself and give you more energy. It’s not about having a 0-tolerance to sugar, but to eat sugary food occasionally instead of regularly. mindset quote In today’s life we are exposed to so many expectations from social media for example. So many images and videos on how other people live and what they post. It’s easy to feel sad, lost and feel overwhelmed. Therefore, it’s so important to go back to basics of everything and to our purpose. Having the strong and clear foundation in place. Only comparing you to yourself and not to any “Instagram fitness star” that is doing various high intensity training exercises and crazy diets.

"Start nice and easy with the basics first. Let’s relax and work up to larger tasks. Find your way, and what works for you. Alhamdulillah."

Get inspired by those that bring you forward, those that make you feel even better than you do right now. We don’t have time for anything else. Finally… to live a healthy lifestyle isn’t a luxury, but a priority. It’s something beautiful, just like the perfect religion of Islam. It gives you strength, it gives you happiness and it makes you feel alive. Alhamdulillah. Open up the way in front of you. Yes you can. Go for it. Forward and upwards. Tawakkul Allah. Trust in Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you & Energetic Regards,

Carin Timskog is an online trainer, with her own business Energized Muslimah, living in Tanger, Morocco with her husband and 3 years old girl. Carin started in the fitness industry already in 1998, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, to mention few of her certifications. She loves fitness, sunshine, traveling, going to the Spa and being out in the nature.

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