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7 Highly Recommended Skincare Tips for Summer!

7 Highly Recommended Skincare Tips for Summer!

\Our skin is the only organ that comes in contact with the environment and is the first to get affected by the harmful outcomes of nature. Although different people have different ways to take care of their health, this article outlines some of the many skincare tips for summer that one can implement anywhere and can easily be recognized. To prolong one's lifetime, taking care of the skin holds immense importance because long life requires a healthy vessel. What follows are specific tips that you can use in summer to protect against the sun rays and extreme heat.

Summer Skincare Tips For A Positive Change

1. Use Less Products

Multiple cosmetic companies produce millions of products every year used worldwide, and it has become a multimillion-dollar industry. People use these products moderately, but sometimes their excessive usage also occurs and this, in turn, is harmful to the skin, as some chemicals that make up these products may have side effects when used in large amounts, and irreversible damages may occur, thus using less is better. Always be sure to read the product ingredients.

2. H20 is a necessity

The human body is approximately 70% water, and because it makes up a significant part of our body, large fluctuations in the body water levels can prove to be deadly. Maintaining the body hydration level in the extreme heat of the summer sun can be a challenge but it is crucial to take care of your skin. People should minimize their exposure to the sun during the summer as it can cause second-degree burns and cause dehydration that may create complications that affect the human body to a non-reversible extent.

3. Eat healthy

In the summer, people tend to sweat a lot even if they do the same amount of physical activity they did during the other seasons. This is because of the hot climate that forces more water to evaporate from their skin. Along with the water, people also lose minerals and vitamins, and these need to be replenished. You can do this by consuming healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals. People who eat healthier during the summer tend to feel fresh and revitalized compared to those that either consume junk food or don't watch their diet.

4. Wash with care

Washing the skin with water over and over again will eventually dry it and create wrinkles. You can use a moisturizer on dry patches on the skin to retain the skin's moisture and heal the dry spots. Certain brands use only natural ingredients in their products, and these are the least harmful to the majority of the population. One of these brands is 786 Cosmetics which creates all of its products without harmful chemicals.

5. Wear light clothing

When choosing what to wear during the hot summer months, we recommend wearing airy and thin stitched clothes containing room for ventilation. Choosing lighter-colored clothes also helps reflect harmful radiations that the sun emits and the ones that manage to break through the ozone layer. 

6. Stay indoors

Due to the coronavirus, people are isolating themselves indoors. This long period of time spent inside is making people want to go out more to get fresh air. People should limit their time outside to avoid sun exposure. Due to the destruction of the ozone layer, it is more evident now than ever before that the sun's harmful rays can negatively affect your skin. When you do go outside, we advise you to wear sunscreen to protect your skin, especially on your face.

7. Take a nap

People who take naps during the day also reap benefits from this habit as it minimizes the loss of water. Because a human hibernates while they sleep, this can prevent essential minerals and vitamins from leaving the body through sweat. Sleeping during the day in summer can keep the skin cool and stop it from drying, making it look fresh and wrinkle-free.


Although this whole article highlights the shortcomings of using excessive healthcare products and the problems caused by skin exposure to synthetic chemicals and the summer sun, a balanced intake of these products can lead to favorable outcomes. The sun has uses other than providing heat and light; the rays it emits can lead to the increase of serotonin, a hormone present in the brain that uplifts the individual's mood. Sunlight also strengthens bones as it provides the human body with vitamin D, which when taken is inactive, but the body activates it and then uses it to repair the broken or chipped bones throughout the body.

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- Saba Khalil

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