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Nail colors to rock for spring 2020

Nail colors to rock for spring 2020

As winter gradually draws to an end, everyone is getting ready to welcome spring with arms wide open. What’s not to love about the breath of fresh air and warmth that spring brings and the beautiful sight of garlands and gardens coming to life. It is expected that our wardrobes will be churning out lighter fabrics and colors in different creative styles for spring. Likewise, our nails should also speak about spring. It is time to switch things up from the deep red, icy purple, dark green, white, and silver shades that dominate the winter and take on some brighter colors. Let’s take a quick look at some amazing colors for spring. Be sure to make a mental list of those colors you would be trying out as we progress. Muted Violet This is a personal favorite which is sure to give you a break from those darker shades of purple you had on for winter. Your nails will be left brighter-looking and lighter-feeling. There are shades of muted violet which tend towards pink which would be just perfect for those of us who want a softer feel. Although this nail color might affect your outfit choices, it works well with most skin tones. Vintage Blue This color speaks confidence and calmness in one of the most attractive ways. It will complement your well and is right for you if you don’t mind those nails getting some deserved attention. You know what I mean! You can also go for a lighter shade of vintage blue if that’s your thing. Caramel Nude Nude is totally one of the shades to go for if you will be wearing colors at different points on the color wheel. The paler shades of caramel nude have more than a tinge of peach to them, hence their suitability for lighter skin tones. However, there are darker ones which work just fine for people with darker skin tones. There are also some that could almost pass for a lighter shade of brown. Bronze The bronze to terracotta shades definitely works for all skin tones. An added advantage is their versatility when it comes to blending with your wardrobe. If you’re one who prefers a neutral, darker, but interesting color for your nails, I think you just found a keeper. Chest-nut Brown This is an awesome choice for your toe-nails. This is not insinuating that you should wear different colors on your fingers and toes. To spice things up, it is advisable to have some nail art on your fingers whilst using the same base on your toes. Although, following some guidelines, you can use some amazing combinations. This color is bound to keep your toe-nails show-off worthy. Green Yes, green was definitely one of the colors for winter but have you ever heard the word evergreen? Green is evergreen. Even though lighter shades of green are preferred, you might want to try the dark shades too. The dark shades work with all skin tones. To brighten things up, you should be looking at the dark green shade, like emerald with shimmery details. This gives a dream-like feel to the whole look. You might also need to do some homework to determine what colors go with green so you are not out on the streets looking like a jar of colored candy. Pale Yellow Not quite the usual but a wiser choice, if you’re not sure you can do brighter shades. If you’re up for a challenge, you can totally nail those colors, however. With a tinge of lemon, this color blends with all skin tones and gives your nails a warm and bright look. Red Spring permits lighter shades of red. Usually, we save the hot red shade for autumn or summer while those with an orange twist to them are perfect for spring. These leave your fingers looking like they were made of clay. Artistic, don’t you think? Tips for buying your new nail colors • Your eyes are an important asset. Don’t buy a color just because it’s on the list. Identify what works best for you, as dictated by your skin tone. • A printed copy of the shades you are looking for will save you and the attendant the stress of running through the entire store. • Buy nail colors that are at least 5- or 10-free. I wish you an enjoyable spring season ahead!
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