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2020 Nail Color Trends

2020 Nail Color Trends

Now that the New Year is here, it’s time to find out what all the 2020 nail color trends will be! A lot of these designs we’ve already started to see in the fall and winter of 2019. However, designers are carrying them over to the runways for their Spring 2020 fashion lines. So, let’s see what we can do to get these looks, and how 786 Cosmetics can help!


We saw a lot of ombre nails this year, where one colors starts at the end of the nail and then fades into another. Ombre manicures, however, are different. This is where each nail is actually a different shade of the main color. Aside from the fact that you need five different bottles of nail polish, it’s actually a very easy design to pull off since each nail is just a solid shade. Or, if you have a dark enough base color, you could simply add some white to each nail to slowly lighten the color.

For example, you could start with a strong deep blue base color such as Samarkand. Then, as you paint each nail, add just a little bit more white to gradually lighten the color across each finger. For this, you can use Abu Dhabi, a beautiful creamy white.


Similar to the idea of an ombre manicure are neutral nails. This is one of my favorite trends for the new year! It takes me back to my childhood of painting multi-colored nails, but with a fashionable twist. This is selecting a cohesive pallet of three to five colors and painting it on! It’s again, an easier design to pull off since there’s no drawing a pattern involved. You can use anywhere from pinks and whites to a combination of pastels.

If it were me, I would make it easy by ordering one of 786’s pre-styled nail sets like the Pink Nail Polish Set.

Petra - Halal Nail Polish - 786 Cosmetics


Third up on our list of trends, metallics. Using a metallic color is a good way to add shimmer without using glitter. It’s a more sophisticated way to add some shine. I’ve seen this trend used in many different ways. Some people take it more straight forward with the same metallic shade on all 10 nails, some use it as an accent on one or two nails, others create patterns such as shapes or stripes with the metallic color over a more dull or matte base coat. 

You can choose from Dubai and Brunei when you’re ready to add some subtle shimmer! 

Dubai - Halal Nail Polish - 786 Cosmetics


Once minimalism really kicked into full affect, the minimalist nail trends were following right behind! The best way we’ve found to do that is by creating negative space designs with black nail polish over a nude, light pink, or naked base. Although this was a big 2019 trend, designers are continuing to use this for their 2020 looks. Thus, putting negative space nails on the prediction list for 2020 trends! This look is easily executed by adding a simple dot, crescent, line, or something like a very thin french manicure. 


This isn’t so much a “nail design” trend, but it is the basis for one. Research has shown that water-based manicure treatments can actually be less moisturizing for the skin and detrimental to the longevity of the polish. Once the skin soaks in water, it can become waterlogged. This leaves little to no room for any kind of lotion or moisturizer to be absorbed into the skin. A water soak can also expand the nail bed, which after applying polish, can cause premature cracking and chips.

Each of these trends provides its own specific needs and 786 Cosmetics has the variety to cover each one! A new year calls for new trends and styles! Now I’ve given you a few to test out, and some products to get you started. It’s time to take on 2020 and see what the rest of the year brings for nail design!

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