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Almond, Square, Round or Square Round nails- What's Your Perfect Nail Shape?

Almond, Square, Round or Square Round nails- What's Your Perfect Nail Shape?

When getting a manicure, the decisions don't begin and end with the nail polish color. The shape of your nails plays a big factor in your manicure too. After all, the nails are the canvas that subtle nudes or glittering polish sit on! Almond nails? Square nails? Round nails? Square round nails? (Is that even a thing?!) But how do you know which shape is perfect for you? With more nail shapes out there than fingers you have, it can be overwhelming to decide which shape will look the best. If we only consider common nail shapes, then we become one step closer! From soft round to sharp stiletto, here are seven of the most classic and trendy nail shapes and how to decide which is right for you!


Round nails are typically short, with the edge of the nail mirroring the contour of the nail. To achieve this shape, file your nail around in an angle to create that subtle curve. If you want your fingers to look elongated, this shape is a great option. This shape is more low maintenance and is perfect for anyone looking to have a neat and tidy manicure.


Square nails can be shorter or longer, so this shape makes it versatile. To achieve this shape, file the edges of your nail straight, and then turn the file perpendicular towards the tip and file until the edge is straight. If you have narrow nail beds and slimmer fingers, this shape will look incredible on you. This shape is also one of the most practical and is perfect for anyone who has to type on a keyboard often or work with their hands. This shape is less prone to breaking and easy to maintain.


Similar to the square, this shape has a straight free edge but rounded edges. We should rename this one to Square round nails! To achieve this shape, file the edges of your nail straight, turn the file perpendicular and file the tip until it's straight. Then, go ahead and round out the sides with the file. This shape is very practical, easy to maintain, and ideal for toenails as well as fingernails. If you can't decide if you want square or oval nails, this nail shape is for you!

Square Round Nails


Oval nails are similar to almond-shaped nails but are more rounded on the tip. To achieve this shape, file the edges of your nail straight but then turn the file and file the tip into a round shape. This shape also makes your fingers look elongated and feminine but is still a rather practical shape. If you want more length than the round nails, but don't want "long nails," this shape will be your best bet!


Almond nails are elongated nails with a tapered tip instead of the round one found on the oval shape. To achieve this shape, you'll first want moderately long nails. You want a wide base so that you can round out the edges towards the top of the finger with the file. The narrowest part of the nail should be the tip, but it should still be soft and round, not pointed. This shape is very slenderizing and chic, but not the most practical. If you work with your hands a lot, this shape is easy to break.


Coffin or Ballerina nails mimic the shape of a coffin or ballerina's pointe shoe. This shape is tapered on the sides with a straight tip. To achieve this shape, you'll want long nails. Then, file in the edges of the nail towards the center, followed by shaping the tip into a straight line. This shape is great for anyone really into nails and loves nail art. This shape will definitely bring attention. If you have weak or short nail bed, it's best to steer clear of this shape as you might experience more breakage.

Square Round Nails


Stiletto nails are long, pointed and dramatic. These nails are not for the weak-hearted (or the clumsy!). To achieve this shape, long nails are required. File the edges of the nail straight, and then file up the nail and over from the edges to the center. This shape is for those with a daring style and doesn't mind asking for help when opening a soda can. This is the perfect shape for gems and other designs. However, it isn't ideal for typing on keyboards or hard work with your hands as that would cause this dramatic shape to break. With these shapes in mind, now you can get a sense of which one is perfect for you. The hard part is over and now it's time to have fun and polish your nails! Don't forget to share your new nail shape and how you painted them with us on Instagram!
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