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Nail Colors for Light Skin

Nail Colors for Light Skin

Whether you’re looking for something bold, sophisticated, light, or fun choosing the right nail colors for light skin can be easier with the right knowledge in your toolkit. I myself am incredibly pale (as you can see in my photos). The blue undertones of my veins mixed with the pink blushed overtones of my skin allows for a fascinating palette when choosing the right nail colors for my everyday life. With this guide you will feel more empowered to choose the colors that work best for you. [caption id="attachment_43565" align="alignnone" width="300"]Nail color swatches on light skin Nail color swatches on light skin[/caption]

First things first let’s start with the colors to stay away from:

You will definitely want to stay away from yellows and oranges. While they can feel fun and flirty for spring and summer, against pale skin, they can make you look washed out and sallow. No one wants to show up to an event in something that’s less than flattering. Instead, you want to hear, “Oh my gosh, I love your nails!” [caption id="attachment_43567" align="alignnone" width="300"]Yellows & Oranges on Light Skin Yellows & Oranges on Light Skin[/caption]

Colors that match your style and skintone

Every other color is fair game depending on the overall look or style you’re going for for that week. I’ve chosen 5 categories to choose from: Earthy Tones, Bold Confidence, Subtle & Sophisticated, Shimmery Glitz & Glamour, and Unconventional. With each of these styles you can really play up your inner goddess with your pale skin as the perfect canvas.

Earthy Tones

First up are the Earthy Tones. If you’re going for a sophisticated grown up look Earth Tones can be your friend. The neutral variation of forest greens, earthy browns, and fruity purples can be a welcome Fall/Winter look. Additionally, these colors break the mold just enough to make a statement but are subtle enough to stay classic. Your pale skin is the perfect palette for a sultry mother nature vibe. [caption id="attachment_43568" align="alignnone" width="300"]Earthy Tones on Light Skin Earthy Tones on Light Skin[/caption]

Bold Confidence

Although, maybe, bold is more your style. When you want to make a statement you will want to check out the brighter spectrum of blues, purples, pinks, and reds. There’s nothing quite like a woman with the confidence for a good fire engine red. The beauty of these colors against pale skin is that they pop really bright; amping up their boldness in a really fun way. Bright says, “You’re youthful, you’re fun, you’re confident, and deserving.” [caption id="attachment_43569" align="alignnone" width="300"]Bold Colors on Light Skin Bold Colors on Light Skin[/caption]

Subtle & Sophisticated

However sometimes, you want subtlety and lightness. This is where pastels are your friends. Pastels are a great way to showcase your skintone while still allowing  your nails to be the star. A light lavender or subtle ballet pink can really bring out your inner girly flirtatious style. Whenever I wear a good pastel I feel like the pretty pretty princess I’d pretend to be as a little girl playing dressup in my living room. [caption id="attachment_43570" align="alignnone" width="300"]Pastels on Light Skin Pastels on Light Skin[/caption]

Shimmery Glitz & Glamour

Next we have our shimmers. Oh yes, anything sparkly, sign me up. Golds, silvers, coppers, shimmery purples, reds, or pinks: they all give off that fun, flirty, party vibe. Sparkles say spontaneous and diamond encrusted. Like a good sequin top, sparkly nails empower you to live your best life in the moment. And the best thing about pale skin is it really brings out that sparkle in a shimmery color. For instance, golds look golder and silvers look more silver against pale skin in a way that’s fun and glitzy. Who doesn’t like looking like a million bucks? [caption id="attachment_43571" align="alignnone" width="300"]Shimmering Colors on Light Skin Shimmering Colors on Light Skin[/caption]


Lastly, Let's get in touch with your inner punk or goth with blacks, whites, and greys. Against a pale skintone these colors really make a statement that goes against the status quo. Pale skin is the epitome for this alternative look. In other words, whether you wanna send off vampire vibes or a musician’s moxy these colors let you really stand out.  [caption id="attachment_43572" align="alignnone" width="300"]Black, Grey, & White on Light Skin Black, Grey, & White on Light Skin[/caption] In conclusion, with so many amazing color options, choosing nail colors for pale skin can be a dream. However, its important to remember to stay away from neon yellows and oranges. Therefore, stick with the message you’d like to send out into the world. Be it classic earth tones, bold bright confidence, subtle pastel sophistication, a glitzy night out on the town, or an alternative break from tradition you’ll be putting your best nail forward.  Check out amazing color choices here. And be sure to share with us on Instagram. What are your favorite colors to use?    
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