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Best Nail Color Combinations

Best Nail Color Combinations

Here are some of the best nail color combinations when it comes to nail art. Today’s nail polish trends are some of the funnest, chicest, most awesome nail art. Below are 5 nail art trends and how to pick just the right color combinations to look like a pro. Whether you’re DIY’ing your own nail art at home or getting in your weekly self-care appointment at your local nail technician’s studio these nail art trends are sure to grab attention. We’ll be looking at 1) Ombrés, 2) Accent nails, 3) Nail stamping, 4) Color Blocking, & 5) French Manicures.

Ombré Nail Art

This trend is suprisingly easy to pull off while looking artistic and complicated. With the ombre’ you’ll want two colors that blend together in the middle in an appealing way. So you can do this with complimentary colors like Red & blue to create a purple in the middle. Black and White for grey. You can also use two colors that are very similar but maybe one’s dark and one’s bright. A great sunset look can be created by using a deep orange and a bright yellow to blend in the middle. The trick to an ombre’ is that the 2 colors you use are beautiful and create an intriguing and amazing middle color when blended. 

Accent Nails

With Accent nails we’re breaking the mold by putting a twist on a classic manicure. Accent nails are just playing it up so that not each nail is painted exactly the same. You can have one accent nail, 2 accent nails, or even every single nail something different. What allows this look to really sing is choosing colors that go well together. So, for instance, you might choose 5 different shades of the same purple across all 5 nails. Or if you’re looking for a theme such as a holiday party you might go with 4 nails that are deep burgundy and then gold on the accent nail. The colors work well together because they’re apart of the same theme. Additionally, you can play up your accent nail with nail art. If you’ve gone with a deep purple base color and lavender flower on each nail then your accent nail might just be completely painted lavender. With the accent nail, its all about staying classic and cool but with a chic trendy twist that updates it quite a bit. 

Nail Stamping

For nail stamping your color combination goal should be to have the art/stamp stand out. You’ll want a base color that stays in the background and doesn’t compete too much with your stamping color. So for instance if you do a nail stamp in silver on top of gold then the shininess of each will blend together and you’re stamp will look like its disappeared. Therefore the point to color choices with nail stamping is to choose colors, sheens, and tones that are aesthetically pleasing together however they differ in some way. For example, if your base is a matte then a stamp in a shimmer will really pop. If your base is a nude, then any bright or deep color will stand out well. If your base is a deep dark color then your stamp should be light and airy like a pastel. Nail stamping is about showing off your fun youthful side. You can take it as girly as you want but you can also create some really sophisticated grown up looks with it as well. 

Color Block

The classic 80’s art style of color blocking is an updated trend in nail art today. This look takes heavy geometric shapes in a bright rich tone of several colors and plants them next to each other divided by heavy line work like a black line. The key to this look is to go for bright bold colors that go well together but could easily stand on their own. This nail trend is perfect to display your quirky fun side while nodding to a classic art style. 

French Manicures

With french manicures, its all about the tips. While super popular in the 90’s as a nude nail with a white french tip, today’s french tip can be in any color. Play it up, have some fun. You can have a nude nail with a colored tip. You can have a white nail with a nude tip. The sky’s the limit with this updated trend. Have fun. With these 5 nail art color combinations you’re sure to inspire those around you to have more fun with their nails. Check out amazing color choices at 786Cosmetics. And be sure to share with us on Instagram. What are your favorite nail color combinations?
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