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Common Makeup Tips That are Actually Myths

Common Makeup Tips That are Actually Myths

Most people get their makeup tips from the media, friends, and family. It may seem all those sources are reliable but how do you know if the tips are true? You might be surprised to hear that most makeup tips you know of are actually myths. To let you know what makeup tips are actually myths we have created a list of the most common makeup tips that are actually myths. Keep reading below to find common makeup tips that are actually myths.  

Makeup myth: Your Concealer Should be Lighter Than Your Skin Tone

  Concealer should actually be the same color as your skin tone. When your concealer is lighter than your skin tone the dark spots will show through looking dark and ashy. You want the concealer to blend into your skin tone.  

Makeup myth: You Have to Spend a lot of Money for Quality Makeup

  This could not be farther from the truth. There are many amazing makeup products out there for a decent price. You just have to experiment with different brands and not necessarily go for the more popular brands.  

Makeup myth: Always Line Your Lips Before Putting on Lipstick

  Lining your lips before applying lipstick can cause the wear to fade unevenly. Most of the time the liner outlives the lipstick when you do it this way. You should apply lipstick then line your lips because it will fade more evenly and won’t leave a weird outline.  

Makeup myth: People With Dark Skin Can’t Wear Bright Lip Colors

  This myth is ridiculous. Anyone can wear whatever they want, but the most important thing is bright colors actually contrast well with darker skin. People with dark skin look amazing with bright lip colors!  

Makeup myth: Pumping the Mascara Wand Causes More Product to Stick to the Wand

  This is not true because pumping the mascara wand allows air bubbles to get into the mascara tube. When air bubbles get into the mascara tube it causes the product to dry out. This will decrease the shelf life of your mascara.  

Makeup myth: Applying Bronzer Over Your Whole Face Will Give You A Glowy look

  This will not give you a glowy look.  If you want to give yourself a tanned look, you need to apply bronzer where sun would naturally hit your face. Apply the bronzer on your cheekbones, around your hairline, and around your jawline. You can also apply some bronzer down the sides of your nose. If you want a glowy look you can add some highlight to your face.  

Makeup myth: You Should Apply Concealer Before Your Foundation

  The best way to apply concealer is to apply foundation first. Then after you apply the foundation look for any dark areas you may have on your face. If you have any dark areas apply the concealer and blend it into your foundation.  

Makeup myth: You Don’t Have to Clean Your Makeup Brushes if Your the Only One Using Them

  This is not true because if you don't wash your brushes bacteria will build up in them. If you use brushes with bacteria on them you can cause acne, skin irritation, and possibly an infection. You should clean brushes used for liquid products once a week, and all other brushes should be washed once a month.  

Makeup myth: You Have to Wear Foundation to Have a Finished Look

  This is simply not true because some people may want a very natural look, or if you have very even and clear skin there is no need to apply foundation. If you still want something to even out some of your skin but don’t want foundation you can use a tinted moisturizer.  

Makeup myth: Waterproof Mascara Is Better Than Non-Waterproof Formulas

  If you are going to the beach or a place where it is humid and has a lot of water you don't need waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascaras dry out quicker and are harder to get off your lashes. Since it is so difficult to get off you can actually damage your lashes over time.  

Makeup myth: You Don’t Need to Wear Sunscreen if it’s in Your Foundation

  While this can be argued it’s always best to apply sunscreen if you are going to be out in the sun. Side note: make sure when wearing sunscreen it is at least an SPF 30!  

Makeup myth: Adults Can’t Wear Sparkly Makeup

  People should wear what works for them and makes them happy. Sparkly or shimmery makeup can actually be very flattering. If you want a more natural look sparkly makeup may not be for you but if you like bold makeup looks I say go for it!  

Makeup myth: Woman With Mature Skin Should Wear More Makeup

  This is not true. Again, people should wear what works for them. If you want to wear a full face of makeup you can do that. If you want to wear minimal makeup you can do that.  

Makeup myth: Lip Plumpers Will Give You Bigger Lips

  This is not true, lip plumpers do not make your lips bigger. Lip plumpers give the illusion of bigger lips by causing redness and irritation.  

Makeup myth: Test Foundation Colors on Your Hand

  This is not true because for most people their hands are actually darker than their face. The best place to find the right foundation shade is your jawline.  

Wrapping up

  There are common makeup tips that are actually myths! I hope you learned something and found this information useful. What surprised you from this list? Did you know any of these were myths? If you want to update your nail polish collection head on over to our store. You can do that by just clicking here. 786 products are halal, vegan and cruelty-free. Our products contain less toxic ingredients, are healthier for you, and made with beauty lovers in mind.
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