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6 Benefits of Vegan Beauty Products

6 Benefits of Vegan Beauty Products

When it comes to beauty products people never think about where that product has come from. One huge thing that people have noticed about vegan beauty products is, it doesn't cause their skin to break out, they never have any reactions to the products, and the products work on all skin types! The reason why this is because a lot of non-vegan beauty products contain something called lanolin. Lanolin is an ingredient found in non-vegan beauty products a lot, it is an animal product and it is known to clog pores. Clogged pores lead to things like acne and dull looking skin. With vegan beauty products, you will be avoiding things like Lanolin instantly, as well as other bad ingredients. Your skin appreciates vegan cosmetics more because they are healthier and easier to absorb. Keep reading to find 6 benefits of vegan beauty products.  

Natural Ingredients

  Natural ingredients like vitamin c, seaweed, chamomile, tea tree oil, aloe, and vitamin E, repair and energize your skin. Things like seaweed and aloe also moisturize your skin and make it really soft. These ingredients are also known to get rid of excess oil and help get rid of acne.  


  Most importantly vegan beauty products save animals lives! Vegan beauty products are never tested on animals. This means that they are 100% cruelty-free. Of course, a lot of us know that vegan products are cruelty-free but it is such an important thing to talk about. It is so important for products to be cruelty-free because you’ll be getting products with no chemicals as well as a product that had no cruelty involved. That sounds like a win-win situation to me!  

No Harmful Chemicals

  There are no harmful chemicals. This means vegan products are safe for your hair and skin. Using vegan products over non-vegan products is a good idea because it will decrease your chances of getting things like rashes, eczema, allergies, skin inflammation and acne.  

No Animal-Derived Ingredients

  Vegan products do not contain things like carmine, beeswax, gelatin, collagen, honey, and other animal-derived ingredients. You want to avoid animal-derived ingredients found in beauty products because they are known to damage your skin.  

Can Help Your Hair Grow

  A lot of people suffer from hair loss and an insufficient amount of vitamins and that prevents hair growth. Some people have tried everything and nothing works. Well, I have good news for you. As long as your hair loss isn't from an illness and it is just from the aging process or stress, switching to vegan beauty products can help you! You can help your hair grow back with vegan beauty products. These products contain things like natural extracts, this will help your hair follicles and clear your scalp to allow hair to grow.  

Corrects Your Skin

  Vegan beauty products will give you the best complexion. There isn’t anything like harsh chemicals to dry out your skin, cause a reaction or, discolor it. Again all vegan cosmetics do is hydrate and nourish your skin. Also, an uneven skin tone can be solved with the products. A lot of people suffer from skin discoloration. The moisture and vitamins from these products will help get rid of the uneven skin tone.  

Wrapping Up

  There are the 6 benefits of vegan beauty products! Are you going to switch to vegan beauty products? Have you tried vegan beauty products before? What is your favorite benefit from this? Let us know in the comments! If you need new nail polish head on over to the 786 cosmetics store! Our products are halal, vegan, and cruelty-free. Our products also contain less toxic ingredients, are healthier for you, and made with beauty lovers in mind. You can click here to head on over to our store!  
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