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What Your Beauty Morning Routine Should Look Like

What Your Beauty Morning Routine Should Look Like

Most people have a nighttime routine, and a lot of people have a morning routine. Unfortunately, morning routines are never as solid as a nighttime routine and that’s not good. A solid morning routine is crucial. A nighttime routine aims to regenerate and repair your skin. A daytime routine is all about preserving and protecting your skin. If you want to spice up your morning routine or start one today keep reading what your beauty morning routine should look like.

Use Oil and Water Based Cleansers

If you use products that are oil-based at night like, face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, etc you want to do an oil cleanser in the morning. You want to use an oil cleanser because this will lift away any leftover oil from the products used and clear any other debris left on your skin from last night.  an absolute must to effectively lift away those products and whatever they have brought to the skin’s surface overnight. You can apply this by putting two pumps of the cleanser in the palm of your hand and rubbing your hands together to heat up the cleanser. After doing that you can massage the cleanser into your skin. Work the product in for a minute or two, rinse your face and pat dry with a towel. You want your face to be damp no dry. You also want to use a water-based cleanser in your morning routine because it will help you deeply clean without causing irritation. This will make applying makeup a lot easier if you choose to do so. You want to apply this while your face is still damp. Rub the product together in the palm of your hands to create a foam. Then work the product into your water-based cleanser into your skin for a few minutes. Rinse your face with cold water, then pat a washcloth onto your skin.

Use Toner

Toner is often skipped in routines because people don’t think it’s important. Toner is important because it balances the PH in your skin. Toner also hydrates your skin. You can apply toner by applying toner to your skin and pressing it into your face evenly. The best way to apply toner is with your fingertips. That is because things like cotton balls, cotton pads, and washcloths are more abrasive than your fingers.

Use Serum

One of the most important parts of your morning routine is serum. Serums protect your face from dirt, germs, bacteria, and chemicals throughout the day. A few examples of things your skin could see throughout your day is your dirty phone screen, exhaust fumes from vehicles, you touching your face throughout the day, etc. Serums will get rid of all of these things on your face and keep it protected. You can apply serum by taking a little amount and moving it around in your hands. After doing that you can work the serum into your skin. Do not rinse this product off and allow it to dry fully. Also, make sure you are applying the serum everywhere so your face is completely protected.

Use Moisturizer

Moisturizer is so important for your skin. You want your skin to always be hydrated, hydrated skin is your best friend. If your skin is moisturized it will give you a healthy and glowing look, prevent acne, and even out your skin tone. You can apply this product by placing a few pumps in the palm of your hands and warming it up. After doing that rub the moisturizer all over your face and neck. Allow the product to completely absorb.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most important thing in your morning routine. A lot of people don’t use it but you should incorporate it into your routine. Protecting your skin daily from the sun is just as important as drinking water and eating. You want to use sunscreen because it will keep your skin looking young, prevent wrinkles, and also prevent skin cancer. One of the top places people get skin cancer is on their face. A lot of sunscreens are different when it comes to how to apply it. I recommend following the directions that come on the bottle.

Now It's Time to Finish up Your Routine

After using all of these products you can do whatever else you need to do like apply makeup, brush your teeth, etc.

Wrapping Up

There is what your beauty morning routine should look like! Do you have a morning beauty routine already? If not, are you going to start one? What is your favorite product in this article? Let us know in the comments! If you need new nail polish head on over to the 786 cosmetics store! Our products are halal, vegan, and cruelty-free. Our products also contain less toxic ingredients, are healthier for you, and made with beauty lovers in mind. You can click here to head on over to our store!
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