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Five Fall Makeup Looks to Recreate

Five Fall Makeup Looks to Recreate!

With every new season, there is a chance to explore new styles and beauty looks. Whether you are influenced by the weather or are just itching for a change, autumn brings opportunities for experimentation. With that being said, there is plenty of new and exciting makeup looks to try out this fall. From bold red lips to classic brown hues, we have created a list of fall makeup looks to try out for yourself!

5. Try out some bold red lipstick

five fall makeup looks to recreate

Fall and winter are the best time to bring out your favorite red lipstick. While its striking shade might be a bit too overwhelming in the summer, its red and orange hues fit right into the autumn weather.

Try buying some matching lip liner with your lipstick, as the liner will help the color last longer. It will also prevent your lipstick from smearing and moving too much. Just line your lips and fill them in with your liner, then add on your lipstick.

You can wear this bold color with some subtle brown eyeshadow and rosy pink blush for a more casual look. Moreover, just throw on some foundation, concealer, and do your eyebrows, and the look will be complete. However, for a more simple look, some just opt to put on only black eyeliner and leave a blank slate on the rest of their face. Just remember to throw on some setting spray, and you can be on your way out!

4. Bring out the brown eyeshadow

Five fall makeup looks to recreate

Speaking of colors that thrive in the fall, shades of brown always work best in the fall. It is a demur, sophisticated color that looks universally flattering on everyone. During autumn, you can wear this color in plenty of different ways. You can use different shades of brown to create an eye-catching smoking eye or keep it simple with one shade. You can also use an other colored hue eyeshadow to add a pop of color to your look.

Regardless, we recommend pairing this shadow with simple black eyeliner, dark nude pink lips. You can bring out the brown on your eyes with light brown blush or bronzer, or you can play it safe with some sweet light pink blush. Overall, this look is relatively simple to recreate, and it can be worn anywhere, which is a major plus!

3. Wear a simplistic, easy look

five fall makeup looks to recreate

While experimenting and playing around with makeup is always fun, it can sometimes be time-consuming, depending on your routine. So, if you have a busy morning or are running late, this look is perfect for you.

Try wearing just rosy blush, medium pink lipstick, and mascara. Skip the concealer and foundation, and focus on the basics. Furthermore, you can use your lipstick as a blush to save some time. Just smear a little onto your cheeks and blend it out with your fingers to create a quick, pink glow. Afterward, curl your eyelashes and put on your favorite mascara.

If you have some more time to yourself, you throw on some eyeshadow, highlighter and polish your eyebrows a bit, but it is unnecessary. Overall, this look should take you less than five minutes, and it is perfect for those who constantly find themselves in a rush.

2. The bolder the eyebrow, the better

five fall makeup looks to recreate

A great way to spruce up your look this autumn is to experiment with your eyebrows. From natural soap brows to striking bleached brows to playful eyebrow slits, there are plenty of different eyebrow trends out there. However, during fall, we recommend making your eyebrows bolder and eye-catching in your makeup routine.

So, start with no makeup. It is easier to clean up any mistakes with a new base. Then, start filling in your eyebrows with either powder or a pencil. Some say powder gives a more natural look. However, a brow pencil does work just as well. Then start filling them in with darker and stronger strokes. If you made any mistakes, use some concealer to cover them up.

Afterward, put concealer around the corners of your eyebrows and blend it out. This should give you even perfect eyebrows. Then you can do the rest of your makeup as you regularly would.

1. Experiment with darker shades of lipstick

Five Fall Makeup Looks to Recreate!

Darker lipstick is practically made for brisk autumn weather. It is a bold color but can be worn casually for fun. Great lipstick hues to play around with are wine-colored, dark orange, rose dawn, and — of course — red. However, for this example, we will be referencing wine-colored lipstick.

If you plan on wearing the lipstick for a while, we recommend wearing a wine-colored lip stain or liquid lipstick. However, lip gloss and lipstick work perfectly fine for shorter amounts of time!

Due to its striking shade, you should wear some other subtle but complementary colors. For example, try wearing light pink blush, subtle dark brown eyeshadow, mascara, and polish your eyebrows a little.  
Five Fall Makeup looks to recreate

Hopefully, this gave you some inspiration to step out of your box this autumn. From daring red lipstick to bold eyebrows, there is something for everyone to love this fall! Furthermore, you can mix and match each look to find something that fits you perfectly or even explore and try out the different shades we did not mention. After all, beauty is meant to be experimented with.

With that being said, we think that some stunning nail polish would be a great thing to add to your look! What is a great beauty look without some final touches? Luckily, we — 786 Cosmetics — sell a plethora of nail polish in plenty of gorgeous shades. There is a shade for every mood, season, and style you may have. However, a great autumn shade is the orange-red 'Tokyo' color. You can get yours here:

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