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Nail Designs White

Nail Designs White Polish Perfect For Summer!

A basic white polish manicure can be an effortlessly chic appearance that adds a touch of elegance to your style. White nail paint should be a year-round staple in your polish rotation for another reason: it's one of the most versatile shades available, giving it a fantastic base for all kinds of creative manicure designs.

White is a go-to shade for the ideal blank canvas for any nail design. Being so popular makes white one of the hottest shades of the season. There are limitless ways to adorn your fingertips, from polka dots to an updated French manicure. Are you looking for ideas for your next manicure with white nail designs? Keep reading.

For when you want something a little more fresh than a simple French tip, we've picked up some of the best white nail design ideas. Not to mention, these fantastic designs will keep you on-trend throughout the year. Whether you're charmed by a simple pink-to-white ombre style or a fun starry sky-inspired look, these pale and pretty white nail designs will work for the office, weddings, parties, and beyond.

These fantastic white nail designs can be made easily at home using 786 Cosmetic's trendy white nail polish named Abu Dhabi. So Let's get into it and see the trending white nail designs you can create.

Black and White

Nail designs white

Whether it's a night out with friends or a day at the workplace, this stunning combination is always a good choice. This unique manicure takes inspiration from 1960s mod motifs and is sure to draw attention. Draw a narrow border around the sides of your white nails with black polish, then divide the middle into two halves. This pattern can be used on a single finger or across your hand — it's a fresh take on a classic look.

Classic French Tip with a Pearl

This gorgeous pattern will transform your existing go-to manicure. The French tip is a classic look that goes with practically any outfit. The modest and exquisite pearl near the cuticle adds to the overall design and will look great at any event.

White and Gold

Nail Designs white

Why stick to white nails when you can jazz them up with a touch of gold? The dazzling cut-outs and designs on this boho-inspired manicure are gorgeous. To add depth to the design, include baby pink details or leave it simple with only two colors. It's an excellent choice for a special occasion or a photoshoot for Instagram at home.

White and Pink

This design will appeal to anyone who enjoys geometric forms and pink colors. It's a dramatic and stylish manicure for anyone, with jagged lines over the nail bed in pink and purple. Mix things up with neutral greys or even a bright blue if you prefer various shades. It's a fun way to pair white nails with other colors.

White Nails with Stars

With these magnificent nails, you'll be able to shine as brightly as the night sky. The use of white and pastel colors adds depth to a manicure that is already gorgeous. Choose colors like baby blue, coral, or mint that are vivid yet still classic enough for any occasion. For a modest but intriguing effect, place stars over the middle and ring fingers.

White with Glitter

nail designs white

This manicure is basic but sophisticated. The subtle addition of sparkles to the feature nail boosts your entire appearance without being overpowering. Enjoy as everyone begins to compliment you on your lovely fingernails.

White and Blue

Powder blue is one of the hottest colors this season, so why not try it on your nails? This adorable and straightforward manicure concept is easy to replicate and looks great on everybody. Paint each nail a distinct color using three colors: white and two different tints of pastel blues. It's the ideal summer style, and it's an attractive option.

White and Silver

This manicure is ideal for lovers of all things which look elegant and classy. This look was made to replicate quartz and appears to be almost as valuable as the stone. You can add height and depth to your fingernails with silver polish or a strip of metallic tape. Allowing your hands to do the talking is a great alternative to wearing jewelry on a night out.

Red and White

Do you have a romantic inclination? Why not show it off with a white and red manicure? The abstract style makes it a little avant-garde, yet the unique shapes across each nail resemble hearts. Finish the appearance with metallic arrows that come through the pop of color for a polished look. It's a fantastic way to commemorate your wedding anniversary.

Simple White Nails

nail designs white

Sometimes the most basic things are the most beautiful. These classic white nails make a statement and will complement any outfit. They're not only appropriate for each season, but they also help to lengthen your fingers, allowing you to wear them at any length. For the ultimate finishing touch, add some decorative jewelry. Try out our classic white shade, Abu Dhabi, to create this simple white nail design.

White Floral Design

With this lovely nail art, you'll be transported to a field of flowers. The color balance is excellent, despite the simplicity of the design. Finding a transparent sticker or poster with delicate floral designs is a terrific way to recreate this look. You can apply it up or across the nail - the possibilities are unlimited with this manicure. Apply a coat of matte polish as a finishing touch for a delicate look.

Pink and White Ombre Design

The French manicure has just gotten a makeover. This pink and white ombre is ideal for a formal event such as a wedding because it properly balances the two tones. Choose from the short, coffin, or almond-shaped nails in various lengths to complement the design nicely.


For your next manicure, white nails can be an elegant, crisp, and fresh option. It's a simple color that goes with everything and lends itself well to artistic designs. The only thing to remember is that chipping is more visible with white, so make sure you keep up with regular manicure upkeep.

White nails are fashionable, especially now that nail art and styles are becoming more popular. It's a fantastic neutral that can be paired with almost anything. Visit our website and follow our Instagram account for more trending updates.

Author: Sara Kamran

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