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Makeup 90s

Makeup 90s Trends

Every old thing is back in a new fashion. The classic '90s beauty styles are competing for another shot at our makeup bags now that '90s clothes have made a full-fledged comeback to our wardrobes. Blue eyeshadow, burgundy lipstick, and the ever-popular glitter have made a comeback in makeup looks, from the runway to the sidewalk. 90s makeup trends are indeed making a comeback more often than not. 

These beauty trends modify over time to fit perfectly into this new period by being toned down and injected with more sophistication. This '90s comeback, which rejects prior seasons' minimalistic, barely-there makeup styles, reintroduces the joy of crafting a complete makeup look.

Beauty has regained its boldness and is ready to make people sit up and pay attention once more. Embrace the 1990s and try something new with your makeup looks.

The 90s Blue Eyeshadow

Makeup 90s

The frosted blue eyeshadow that was popular in the 1990s might be a style you'd rather forget. Looking back at old images, it might feel better back then and gone for good. The beauty industry has masterfully brought back this formerly cringe-worthy trend with the perfect update.

On recent runways, bright cyan, sparkling navy, and cerulean have all emerged, producing dramatic and unforgettable eyes. The blue eyeshadow update, which calls for applying more precisely to the eyelids, minimizes the raw '90s feel and transforms it into a sophisticated contemporary look.

You may see blue eyeshadow on Marc Jacobs's runways, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Boss, and among other designers. With dramatic, blue lashes, a few designer labels have already twisted this style.

90s Glitter

Remember when the '90s makeup world was exploding with glitter? The glitz and glam that coated everything from eyelids and lips to hair and nails are difficult to forget. What about body glitter, that highly entertaining product? You're in luck if you've been missing this lighter, more playful aspect of makeup as glitter is back. We expect this trend to resurface, focusing primarily on model eyelids.

Glitter has been given a makeover and is now more refined than ever. Glitter creates a dusting of shine when gently applied with a skilled hand, making eyes bulge. The models, simply dressed with minimum makeup, appear to have plunged face-first into the craft box but have nonetheless emerged gorgeous. On a night out with the gals, give this trend a shot.

90s Burgundy Lipstick

Makeup 90s

If you go through old images from the 1990s, you're sure to see someone wearing burgundy lipstick. Without question, the decade's most popular lip color was a rich berry shade with a faint brown tint. It was worn by several celebrities in the 1990s and added a dramatic touch to many otherwise natural appearances.

Burgundy lips are making a comeback. The intense lip shade has been seen on both runways and red carpets. Instead of the conventional '90s matte style, the revised version has a gloss finish, as seen at Dior, or a stain effect, as seen at Armani. It also has a more glamorous appearance than a natural one. 

This shade is made for colder weather and is ideal for creating a vampish look with your attire. For a sensual and sophisticated take on this classic, pair this trend with the perfect foundation, light brown shadow, and plenty of black mascara.

90s French Manicure

The French tip had to be the ultimate '90s Manicure. This style simply accentuated the natural beauty of your nails with a nude or pale pink base and a crescent of white on the ends. It was basic yet elegant, drawing on the minimalist aesthetic of the 1990s. However, what was once straightforward and sophisticated now seems to be out of date. But is it like that?  

The French Manicure is back today, but not in the way you remember it. This trend is flipped in today's day in age. The new French tip has been reversed to boost its fashion appeal, with lighter base colors and darker crescent shades.

This makeover, while no longer natural-looking, transforms a classic into something unique. The French Manicure is bolder and more vivid than ever.

90s Grunge Eyeliner

Grunge eyeliner is making a comeback, so break out your kohl pencil and smudge brush. The tough-guy look has been around since the 1990s and has brought a lot of attitude with it. The contemporary grunge eyeliner is the rebellious sibling of the smokey eye. It's messy, thick, and has that slept-in look.

This style is effortless to create, whether you choose a full-on raccoon to look like Marc Jacobs or perhaps something more subtle like Elie Saab. Use a kohl pencil to line both eyes, including the waterlines. 

Then, over each eye, create a diagonal hash sign with your pencil. Blend the liner thoroughly with your smudging brush. Sweep it up and out to make the wing. Ensure that you get both under the eye and in the corner. 

Over the top, apply black eyeshadow to fill in any gaps and offer more staying power. Apply two coats of black mascara to complete the look. To amp up your '90s styles, you could even add some glitter.

90s Precise Brows

Makeup 90s

Not only were thin, well-plucked brows a must in the 1990s, but so were defined exact arches! With the brow pencil, you can clean up and define your arch. To begin, outline your brow shape with a pencil. Then, fill in the gap with light strokes and comb up to match your natural arch shape for a defined look. To be precise, they don't have to be as pencil-thin as in the 1990s.


There are many exciting makeup looks from the 1990s that we still want to recreate today, as well as those that we'd prefer to forget about. Some 90s makeup looks are still fashionable today and have made a comeback on the runways. The precise black liner, dark lips, including burgundy and brown colors, and a blue eyeshadow palette are among the simplest beauty trends to copy right now.

If you're intrigued with bold styles from the 1990s, feel free to replicate as many as you would like by using the vast range of 786 cosmetics, as most of these trends have been modernized to fit the current age. Don't forget to visit our website and follow our Instagram account for weekly updates. 


Author: Sara Kamran

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