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Pastel Nails

Pastel Nails: It's Not a Trend; It's a Lifestyle

When the flowers start blooming this is when you know it is time to bring out your pastel nail polishes. See how you can get the perfect pastel nails.

We know we have a lot we want to do this summer. Frolicking barefoot in a field of flowers having the cool air breeze around you is ideal for summertime. Well, maybe running barefoot is not a great idea, but there is one thing that you can accomplish for sure, and that is a pretty pastel manicure. 

Here are some gorgeous pastel nail polish colors and ideas for the hottest summer nails!  

Pastel Nails

The Hottest Pastel Nails to Try in 2021


This breathtaking opaque nude color is a winner when we talk about pastel nail polishes. The name itself screams warm weather, as Sakura means spring and cherry blossom trees of Japan in Japanese. 

Pastel Nails

This beautiful pastel fits perfectly with any skin tone; yep, pastels don't discriminate. Wear SAKURA by itself or paired up with other pastels to give you that complete manicure look. The best result that you will see will be after two coats. 


Another dazzler by 786 Cosmetics is HIMALAYAS. This color is a soft salmon pink inspired by the color of salt in the salt mines of HIMALAYAS. Yep, I visited the Khewara salt mine a while ago, and let me tell you, the colors are nearly identical. 

Pastel Nails

There is no better way to celebrate the warm weather than to bring nature into your manicure. Two coats are the way to go if you are going solo with HIMALAYAS but pairing it up with some other pastel won't hurt.


Nothing is more popular right now than a light pink with hints of nude; DAKAR by 786 cosmetics is precisely that. 

Pastel Nails

This lovely pastel pink is inspired directly by the pink lake 'Lake Rose.' The shade of red is not the most dominant, yet it offers a mesmerizing finish when applied to your nails. The best way to wear it? Try floral nail art. 


PETRA is one of my personal favorites when it comes to pastels. This gorgeous nude has slight hues of pink making hands down a fan favorite.  

PETRA is an incredible pre-historic city in Jordan, making it one of the wonders of the world. It is called the "Pink City" because of its carved soft pink cliffs. 

Pastel Nails

This nail polish achieves both translucent and opaque finishes using one to two coats. The color is the perfect fit to pair up with French tips manicures. 


786 Cosmetics has always been a winner in manufacturing the finest pastel nail polishes, and KASHMIR proves this. 

KASHMIR is a dusty pink nail polish with vibrant tones of purple. It has a lively and engaging pastel vibe. 

Pastel Nails

I'm sure your heart will pump with happiness and calmness at the same time once this KASHMIR tea-inspired color covers your nails. 

How to Wear These Pastel Nail Polishes? Best Trends of 2021.

Let's ditch out the old trends and welcome the fresh and hot trends in 2021; let me tell you all about them before they become the talk of the town. 

1. Pastel Tips 

French manicures are never out of fashion; However, this season, we are switching things up. Instead of white, a popular trend is to use pastel colors to paint our nail tips. 

The light coats and different colors will compliment each other perfectly, try out this new trend and you'll be leaving your nails with a fresh and dazzling look, and keep the old nail designs at bay this summer! 

If I were you, I would love to pair up HIMALAYAS by 786 Cosmetics with a pastel yellow or blue, or try green for a nice pop! 

2. Flower Nail Design 

One of the long-lost designs that come in hot this summer for pastel nail polishes is the flower design.

Only with this design, only one nail will have the floral design painted on it. The design consists of painting four fingers the same color, let's say pastel pink, and painting just one finger another pastel color, let's say blue. 

Now you can draw flowers with other pastel colors on your blue finger and maybe some leaves on the other nails. Your nails will look perfectly ready for a summer party! 

3. Rainbow Swirls

For this nail polish look, again, you need two base coats of nude first. Then add in the other pastel colors creating a swirl design with rainbow colors. 

It will look more like a fresh ice cream sorbet, perfect for summer. 

4. Pastel Abstract

Sure, straight diagonal lines look pretty with pastel, but nothing is more intimidating and beautiful than a bunch of colors on your nails. 

It would be best to have a translucent coat of pastel nail polish applied to your nails to start. Then draw in abstract designs with the other pastel colors on your nails. 

A tip: add a little white and nude to give it more of an artistic look. 

Pastel Nails

5. Pastel Ombre with Gold

Start with lighter pastels on the tip and bed of your nail for a perfect pastel ombre look; in the end, add a thin layer of gold diagonally on your nails. 

Make sure the nail polish is matte for a more sophisticated look. This look would go perfect for a spring evening event. 

Final Words

There is a whole world of pastels where you can experience so much and try too many new and exciting designs every day, all spring and summer. 

Pastel Nails

If you are looking for more inspiration on what to do with your freshly bought organic nail polishes by 786 Cosmetics, then hop on our Instagram.

We have some breathtaking pastel nail designs coming up this summer, something you won't see anywhere else.

Follow us now before it gets viral! Be the first one to start the trend!

Author: Saba Khalil


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