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Colors For Spring Nails

Top 10 Colors for Spring Nails That Are Trending in 2021

The most effortless way to announce that you have finally bid farewell to winter and wholeheartedly welcome the spring is by an instant switch in colors for spring nails. Don't you agree that nail colors are a significant hit or miss when it comes to the whole look according to the season? At least, we do!

Hence, we have compiled a list of colors for spring nails that will make you look at the top of your game this spring. Do you want to see what we have in store for you? Let's dig in!

1. Island Blue

How about you rock your outfits with an attractive island blue hue this spring on your nails? We are not talking about the Monday blues. This one, on the contrary, will make you feel and look better than ever. When you want to keep your spring nails subtle but stylish, this cool, island blue is the right way to go about it.

Colors For Spring Nails

Are you in the search for the perfect blue-green nail polish for spring? 786 Cosmetics has the perfect color for you! Check out Lagos!

2. Sunny Nails Up, the Pretty Yellow

There are plenty of shades when it comes to choosing from a yellow palette. But you know what's a different ball game altogether? It's the challenge of finding that perfect yellow shade that complements your skin tone while looking flawless.

Yes, all you need is a yellow color to match the spring vibes. Yellow is the right way to transition into the summer vibes seamlessly. Are you ready?

Colors For Spring Nails

Need a beautiful yellow shade? Look no more since we have got you covered. 

Izamal is the mustard, bright, and vivid yellow you need to add in rotation for your spring nail colors.

3. Gray Toned Purple

Colors For Spring Nails

Purple screams spring. Adding it to our top 10 colors of spring nails was a no-brainer. The best part about the spring season is mixing colors from winter and incorporating an equal amount of summery touch to your color range.

Powdery purple is a stunning and cooling pastel shade of purple color. It will bring out the spring looks, make the garden parties fresher, and help you look your absolute best. Do you know what's better than a French manicure? Neatly shaped nails painted with suitable pastels. For a toned-down purple shade, see Melaky.

4. Lavender Nails

You may have thought the purple obsession for the spring was done. But we have come up with yet another purple hue. No arguments here, but purple is crowned the king shade of colors for spring nails. Lavender nails will bring all the attention to your freshly painted nails. Whether it is the hot days or chilly nights, purple will remain on-trend to make you look ready at all times this spring. 

Colors For Spring Nails

Granada is inspired by the beautiful flowers in the Spanish City. 

5. Nude Nails

Nude nails for spring? Yes, please!

Colors For Spring Nails

For our 5th slot, we are playing it safe. If bright nails are not your favorite look, then the nude nail polish comes to the rescue. Don't have time to rush to the salon to get your nails done, but at the same time afraid to mess up your DIY manicure? Nude nails are the option then: safe, clean, and beautiful. Zanzibar is that light nude you need!

6. Mauve Pink

Imagine spring season without a pink range of nail colors. Sorry we can't, can you? The beautiful mauve-y pink to go with the floral outfits are what you need to get your hands on.

Let's not play safe this time but go a little louder and bolder with our pink nails this season with Cusco.

Colors For Spring Nails

7. Bright Orange

Bright orange is a must-have this spring! With the gorgeous winter hues, orange gives us an effortless transition into summer. Not sure if you want to test out orange just yet? Do not worry because orange is the color of all seasons.

Either paint your nails entirely, or just the tips for that extra touch to your nails; this color will manage to stand out. See Valencia!

Colors For Spring Nails

8. Coral Colors

Coral colors for spring nails are the natural way to announce how elated you are to see the sun out. It shows that the dullness of winter is gone now and that the flowers are finally blooming.

Be careful; too much of a popping coral shade can take the whole look downhill. Hence, we have the perfect tone, Zhangye.

Colors For Spring Nails

9. A Vibrant Combo of Pink And Red

The alluring combo of pink and red paves the way for an gorgeous color for spring nails. The most exciting bit about this nail color is its warm tone, yet it will make you look fabulous. Isn't it amazing?

Colors For Spring Nails

How about let the nails do the talking for you? If you want that, then this is your color, CordobaThe color of this nail polish takes after the flower festivals that occur every year in Cordoba, Spain.

10. Olive Green

And finally, here is our last recommendation for the colors of spring nails. And we have to admit; we kept this special one for the final color.

Colors For Spring Nails

Green is a very classy color, but olive green is superior; it is grand, enticing, and, most important, appealing. Green in all ways advocates the spring season, but it takes the game to one level up if it's olive green.

Gaza inspired by the olive trees in the city of Palestine and the much-needed color to add to your spring nail color collection.


Spring is a beautiful season because the temperatures are moderate. The birds are back, and flowers start to blossom. Everything about this season is perfect, and your nails can be too!

At 786 Cosmetics, we ensure that you look as pretty and as prepared as the season. We have a wide range of nail colors that are breathable, which makes them wudu friendly. Apart from that, our nail polishes are cruelty-free and vegan. What else do you need?

Check out our Instagram handle, @786cosmetics, to see the beautiful city-inspired shades of nail polishes.

 - Saba Khalil

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