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Is Nail Polish Toxic?

Is Nail Polish Toxic?

The internet provides an amazing opportunity to access new information whenever you want. I mean, who even remembers a time before Google had the answers to everything?! However, with all this information being so accessible, it can be tricky to truly decide who to listen to. When it comes to making the healthiest decisions for you and your body, this can be extra frustrating. That is why the experts at 786 Cosmetics want to address a commonly asked question about nail care: Is nail polish toxic?

The Short Answer

The short answer to this question? It depends.  I know, I know. You wanted a more straightforward response. But, hold tight. We will get you the information you need. But first, there is something we need to address.  As with any product on the market, ingredients will vary. The same goes for nail polish. The important thing for you to know is what exactly to look for (and what to avoid) when shopping for non-toxic nail polish. 

is nail polish toxic?

What to Avoid

Researching chemicals can be exhausting! Seriously, who has time to research all those long and science-y words? While this post really won’t get into every single toxin you should avoid, there are a few “big chemicals” commonly found in nail products that will help you determine if your nail polish is toxic.  When reading the labels for your nail products, there are a few main chemicals you should always seek to avoid: dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, and formaldehyde.  There is plenty of information available to explain the risks of exposure to these chemicals, commonly referred to as the “Toxic Trio.” While studies show the use of these chemicals could have lasting effects on your body, no need to worry! You can still have pretty nails while maintaining peace of mind that your style isn’t causing harm to your body. 

Shop the Right Products

Yes, it’s totally a bummer to learn that some of your favorite nail polishes are toxic, but we are here to help you find products that are both pretty and safe! Now that you are aware of the “Toxic Trio,” you are one step closer to a clean, toxin-free beauty routine.  When shopping for nail products, read the ingredients label closely. Just because a product says it is “clean” does not mean it doesn’t include one of these chemicals. Memorize those long words, and check for them each and every time you purchase a new nail product. 

is nail polish toxic?

Shop Smarter

You are probably thinking about how difficult and intimidating it can be to analyze every ingredient label when shopping. We get it, it is exhausting For smarter shopping as you try to learn if your nail polish is toxic, consider researching until you find one brand free of harmful chemicals. Once you find the right nail line for you, shopping will be a breeze! As for 786 Cosmetics, you can rest easy knowing that we are proudly “11-Free,” meaning we create products that are free of the eleven most toxic nail polish chemicals.  What does that mean for you? It means we do not include the “Toxic Trio” in our products. While we were at it, we went ahead and cut out eight more harmful chemicals, too! Good news, right? This means that you can shop our products with complete peace of mind! Check out our Instagram for some clean, non-toxic, style inspiration! So while the answer to the question “Is nail polish toxic?” may not be the most straightforward, you know now that when it comes to 786 Cosmetics, the answer is “NO WAY!” To learn more about the safety of our products, check out our safety certifications. Click here to shop our safe (and beautiful!) nail polish collection.  
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