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Brands We Love Spotlight: Rella Beauty

Amid these strange times, we wanted to highlight a small business that we connect with here at 786 Cosmetics: Rella Beauty.  Founded by Bay Area native, Raisa Mirza, Rella Beauty follows the buy-1-give-1 model of beauty where for every unit purchased, one is given to a woman in need via their network of non-profit giving partners.

The products are all vegan, cruelty-free and meet Halal standards. The lipsticks are free of many harmful ingredients and the shades were modeled after cult favorites. Rella Beauty’s nude shade, Confidant, is their best seller - a peachy nude that is great on brown skin tones. The collection also features a red, called Darling and a berry, called Soul Sister. The products were designed with intent - a thoughtful precision tip for perfect application & with a fill amount that you should be able to finish within the recommended shelf life of a lipstick once it’s been exposed to air. 

After years of working in a corporate career, Raisa realized she wanted to do something bigger, something with social impact. She wanted to figure out how she could do something she loves while still having a positive impact, even in a small way. Raisa decided she wanted to bridge the gap between beauty and women in need. For Raisa, her skin & beauty routine is something she loves.

“It might sound silly, but when I get ready in the morning and do my skincare routine at night, those are moments in the day that are mine. I finish getting ready and I feel good, I feel confident and ready for the day. I want other people to feel like that, even if they don’t have access to what I do.”

Read the full story of her inspiration here. Raisa connected with Kristen Gibson, co-founder of Dignity not Despair, an organization that distributes beauty and hygiene products to female refugees and women in need around the world. In chatting with Kristen, she learned that little luxuries, like lipstick, are in fact super impactful. These women facing adversity often receive a lot of the necessities (clothes, water, etc.), but the little things that bring them joy are often overlooked.

After months of research, product testing, failed products, and tears, Rella Beauty was finally born. Since launch, Rella Beauty has partnered with additional organizations to reach a wider spectrum of women in need including Project Glimmer, Sakhi NYC, Laura’s House and Dress for Success. Given COVID, distribution to partners has been tough as it’s been a bit more complicated for them to receive donations. However, partners like Dignity Not Despair are assembling kits for refugees facing the pandemic and Rella Beauty was happy to send product for these kits.

Rella Beauty shared a discount for 786 Cosmetics customers to get 20% off your order, woohoo! Use code: RellaX786 on Be sure to follow them on Instagram @rellabeautyofficial or on Twitter, @rella_beauty.

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