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how to put on a hijab

How To Put On A Hijab

Putting on the hijab seems like a simple gesture, but there is so much more to it than meets the eye. It is a commitment a Muslim woman makes to her Lord. It is hard, there are challenges. Looking presentable and feeling confident while wearing the hijab is just one of them. 

Whether you've been a hijabi for a long time, are just starting out, or even just thinking of starting, figuring out how to put on a hijab in a way that makes you feel confident, beautiful and modest takes effort and practice.  

When I started out wearing the hijab thirteen years ago, it took me quite a while to figure out my hijab style and what looked good on me. Luckily we live in the times of influencers and there are so many hijabi influencers out there teaching us how to put on a hijab in many different ways and styles and making life easier for us. But there are too many videos and tutorials out there, so we've rounded up a few for you.

Here are some styles you might like:

Simple, elegant styles

Here are two simple hijab styles that look elegant and beautiful. Watch Sumaiya show you how to put on a hijab in two simple ways that don't only go well with formal looks, but also make for great everyday styles. 


No underscarf styles

If you're like me and wearing an underscarf gives you a headache, you should check out this video where Femina shows you how to put on a hijab without an underscarf or pins!  


Hijab styles with glasses

how to put on a hijab

Fellow four-eyed girls, raise your hands. It's hard to figure out a hijab style that goes well with glasses, isn't it? Well, worry not, because Saima here has three different styles for you that are glasses friendly!  


Feeling inspired to try some of these styles yet? Grab your favorite hijab, and start trying! And while you're at it, dress your nails up with some nail polish that matches your hijab! 

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