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5 Top Muslim Bloggers in Beauty and Fashion of 2020

5 Top Muslim Bloggers in Beauty and Fashion of 2020

Did you know that there are over 600 million blogs in the world? While it may seem niche, you can bet that there are plenty of Muslim bloggers out there who focus on beauty and fashion.

But with so many blogs online, where do you even start to find these people?

We've done the work for you to gather together excellent places you can start. Here are the 5 top Muslim bloggers in beauty and fashion that you need to know about for 2020.

1. Hani Sidow

Hannah🐝🦥🦦🦒 on Twitter: "@_MagazineCovers Glamour UK (Digital Issue),  February 2020-Self love issue, Amber Jean Rowan, Nabela Noor, Hani Sidow  (3/3)…"

Hani Sidow is one of the most famous Muslim bloggers around. She's a huge beauty influencer who has over 160,000 followers on Instagram! Plus, she's written her own book on makeup called "Insta-Glam," which means she's definitely the real deal.

While she does blog about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, Hani is also one of the best Muslim food bloggers you could follow. She also shares her travel experiences, so you can be sure you'll have a broad range of fantastic material to read when you visit her site!

2. Nabela Noor

Who Is Nabela Noor? | POPSUGAR Beauty

Nabela Noor is a Bangladeshi-American who actually started off as a YouTube star. She quickly became popular because she promotes self-love and body positivity through makeup, especially for women who are plus-sized.

She is the founder of Love & Noor, which is a digital media company. Her website features many cool things, such as quizzes, recipes, and more. You can also find various beauty and skincare recommendations, as well as ones for clothing, shoes, and even home decor and accessories.

3. Fatima B

فاطمة (@fitsbyfatima) • Instagram photos and videos di 2020 | Gaya model  pakaian, Model pakaian hijab, Pakaian modis

Fatima B's relatively new on the scene, but she's starting off strong. On Instagram, she already has almost 130,000 followers, and she only just started in April 2017 on YouTube!

Her Instagram page is full of beautifully put-together outfits that are both stylish and hijab-friendly. Occasionally, you'll also find pictures from her daily life, such as meals or outings to cafes. She also shows her skincare and beauty routines!

4. Hodan Yusuf

HODAN YUSUF on Instagram: “Of course i had to do one with Imaan  too💁🏽‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️ scarfs from @voilechic - -… | Fenty beauty, Curly hair  styles naturally, Sunkissed

Hodan Yusuf is one of the best Muslim beauty bloggers around. She's located in the Netherlands and owns her own headwrap business named Turbrand.

If you're into simple yet bold fashion, then she's definitely one to keep an eye on. She does her makeup flawlessly and has plenty of pictures that show off her skills and fashion sense.

5. Shahd Batal Shahd Batal | Grapevine

Shahd Batal is a fashion Muslim blogger who loves traveling the world. Take a look at her Instagram, and you'll find pictures from places like Cuba, Morocco, and Paris.

Not only does Shahd show off her amazing fashion sense, but she also gives followers a close look at her makeup. For those of you who like a more casual and/or urban look, you'll want to take a few pointers from her.

Give These Top Muslim Bloggers a Follow

Now that you have a list of the top Muslim bloggers in beauty and fashion, why not give them a follow? You'll be able to find out so many trends from these top Muslim fashion bloggers and upgrade your own style!

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