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nail color ideas for summer

Nail Color Ideas for the Summer

If you love all things color, then odds are, summer is your favorite time of year to express your style. It is no secret that this time of year is the best time to experiment with bright colors and bold styles, and the same goes for your nails. With so many options out there, it can be tricky to decide which looks are the best choice for this season. 

We have compiled a list of some nail color ideas for summer to help you hone in on what looks you might want to try out these next couple of months. 

Keep reading to check out some of our favorite nail color ideas for summer. 

nail color ideas for summer

Classic Hot Pink

Commonly referred to as “Barbie Pink,” one simply can’t go wrong with this classic girly color. I like to think of hot pink as the best option for someone that likes bright and fun, but really prefers to avoid colors that are too striking. 

A hot pink nail color can come in a variety of shades, with some leaning more toward a purple tint, while others may have a more red undertone. 

Regardless of the tint, this is a staple for the summertime. 

nail color ideas for summer

Solid White

A solid white is a good idea for multiple reasons. If you are someone who likes your manicure to complement your outfit, a white polish will do just that. 

In addition, with a nice summertime tan, white really makes a statement. 

Something about a solid white looks so fresh and clean, and totally summer-friendly!

nail color ideas for summer


Another nail color idea for the summer is this lavender shade. While a bit more adventurous than the pinks and white, it is still just as feminine. 

Bold but not overwhelming, there is just something about the color purple that reminds me of summer. 

Now is the time to change it up and try new hues, so give this one a shot!

nail color ideas for summer


Coral is an all-time favorite for the summer. The bright shade is PERFECT for the beach, and complements sun-kissed skin beautifully. 

If this shade seems to be a bit too much for your manicure, we recommend giving coral a shot for your toes. 

Don’t let the boldness scare you away. You’d be surprised how flattering this color can be on so many skin tones. 

nail color ideas for summer


Okay, okay. So your workplace has a policy against bold colors like this. I get it. That doesn’t mean more muted colors can’t make a statement!

A classic neutral like this really works for any season. But in the summer months this shade has an exceptionally classy feel to it. 

Or, for more of a pop, check out this neutral tone with a shine to it. A shine or sparkle to any nail is an added statement without being too much. 

So there you have it! Our favorite nail color ideas for summer. 

Now is the perfect time to play around with bold colors that may be outside of your typical style. Don’t overthink it! Style your nails according to your favorite colors and just enjoy this season of brightness, boldness, and FUN!

Summer really is a beautiful season for so many reasons. Go ahead and let that be your excuse for trying some new beautiful manicures, too!

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