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What nail color should I get for fair skin

What Nail Color Should I Get for Fair Skin Tones?

Most of us have probably spent many hours trying to find the perfect nail color to match a particular outfit. Or maybe you’ve done some searching to find out what is going to be the hottest shade of the season. But did you know that really isn’t the way to pick the perfect nail polish color? Instead, what you really need to be asking is “What nail color should I get for fair skin tones?”

It’s tempting to grab up all the colors because, let’s face it, your skin doesn’t have a lot of color on its own. However, it’s important to choose carefully because you need to find a color that is complementary to your skin tone and not one that washes you out even more.

 Below you’ll find an abundance of color options that will pop with your skin tone.


What Nail Color Should I Get

You’re probably thinking that fair skinned individuals need to shy away from this bold choice. However, this classic option is actually a fantastic one for those with pale skin tones. You’ll want to avoid deep, dark red colors and instead opt for just a regular, traditional red.


What Nail Color Should I Get

You’ll find that you have a lot of options in this category. Anything from a rockin’ hot pink to a bright fuchsia color will look amazing on your skin. Avoid super pale shades that have a white undertone, but other than that, you’re good to go pink!


What Nail Color Should I Get

When you’re trying to decide what color should I get for fair skin tones, and you’re looking to branch outside the traditional, blue and purple shades are a fun option. Although you may be anxious to go bright, consider something a little deeper in the blue realm. A good navy or indigo polish is actually a great look for fair skin.

As far as purples are concerned, lavender shades actually look great with a pale skin tone. Stay away from shades that look too much like white because, just like with the super pale pink, those shades can wash you out.


What Nail Color Should I Get

You’ve been warned to stay away from shades that will wash you out even more, so a nude shade probably isn’t the first option you run to when trying to decide what nail color should I get for fair skin tones.

Surprisingly enough, nude is actually a definite possibility for those with fairer skin. Experts recommend that you look for a pink-based nude shade, instead of a beige color. This will ensure that your skin has a rosy complement instead of a yellowish one.


Experimenting is ok!

While you definitely want to be sure your polish color is complimenting your skin tone, it’s ok to branch out and try something different every once in a while. You may find yourself drawn to a deep olive green or a clean slate gray color. Try them out! Polish can be easily changed, and you may find a new favorite in the process.

For more fun color options and ideas for finding the perfect shade, check out our Instagram page!

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