2020 Beauty Trends

So here we are, mid-year, and 2020 has certainly looked a bit different than we would have originally guessed. With all the changes we have navigated this year, it is safe to assume that the 2020 beauty trends have transformed along the way. 

So forget the “2020 Beauty Trends” that were predicted on January 1st. Life in our world has looked totally different since then. Instead, let’s talk about the NEW beauty trends for the year. . . you know, the trends that are best for staying at home and not really going anywhere!

Hair Clips

2020 beauty trends

This trend is so fun and reminiscent of Rachel Green from Friends: the hair clip. 

With so much time spent at home, it is safe to assume ladies are going longer between hair washes, which is why everyone needs an item like this in their drawer!

We just love this fun way to pull hair out of the way while still looking trendy. It is such an effortless look, which is clearly what is most practical right now. 

Ditch the scrunchies and hair ties, and opt for this old school hair accessory. 

Natural Makeup

2020 beauty trends

Early on, it was predicted that bold eyeshadow and eyeliner would be the way to go this year. While it is exceptionally fun to play with bright colors, it just hasn’t been as practical this year. Instead, ladies are opting for the natural “no makeup” makeup look. 

Healthy and glowing skin combined with minimal eyes and bold brows are the way these days. And if you are a lazy gal who just wants an easy routine, this is PERFECT for you!

But who says this has to stay a 2020 beauty trend? Can we just keep this look around forever, please?

Multi-Colored Nails

2020 beauty trends

What a fun surprise this trend has become! 

Every little girl had a moment where they couldn’t decide on a nail color, so they did one of each! Well, this trend is reminiscent of that phase. 

Multi-colored nails have turned out to be a fun and expressive 2020 beauty trend. Could this be a product of boredom at home? Possibly. Or perhaps it is because workplace dress codes don’t apply when working from your living room. Or, maybe it is simply because we have been needing some bright spots to fill in for all the cancelled trips and virtual events. 

Whatever the reason, multi-colored nails are making for a fun way to play with colors and brighten your mood with one manicure!

Check out our Instagram for some of our favorite colors you might want to mix and match. 

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2020 Trends

I know, it really has been a weird year. With very little to do, and not many places to go, beauty and fashion just don’t seem to be much of a priority. 

While it is fun to step out for an evening adorned with neon eyeliner, this year that just doesn’t seem to fit. And as disappointing as that may be, let’s embrace it. 

Let’s embrace the fact that beauty this year looks a lot like face masks and no makeup. Let’s celebrate this time in our lives when we worked on end without ever putting on makeup, and got to enjoy a manicure composed of every nail polish on the shelf. 

At the end of the day, the time will return for us to experiment with the latest beauty trends and shop for a new makeup palette before our upcoming trip. 

But for right now, let’s enjoy the laid back, low maintenance 2020 beauty trends while we can.

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