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Why Does Cruelty Free Nail Polish Matter?

Why Does Cruelty Free Nail Polish Matter?

Every day, it seems that there is a new beauty product on display and being marketed towards consumers. After all, the global beauty market is estimated to reach a value of 265 billion dollars this year. There are many companies competing and trying to claw their way into the minds and bank accounts of those with purchasing power. It’s no wonder that the market is flooded with new merchandise all the time. How do customers know where to begin? It can be overwhelming to find and purchase the products that are best, and cruelty-free products have been growing in popularity. Brands know that having cruelty free products reflects well on their business, but what exactly does that mean? Is it important to choose the option that comes with a cruelty-free label? Let’s take a look at what defines cruelty-free products and why these products matter.

What does cruelty-free mean?

Cruelty-free: (of cosmetics or other commercial products) manufactured or developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals. Cruelty-free products have not been tested on animals during any part of the manufacturing process. Some companies may not directly test their final product on animals, but some of the ingredients will have been tested on animals along the way. Cruelty-free products have not been tested on animals, ever. However, this does not mean that cruelty-free products do not include any ingredients derived from animals. Cruelty-free products can still include ingredients like beeswax, collagen, gelatin and more. This, of course, doesn’t mean that any animals were harmed, but may still influence the decision of those not interested in purchasing products with those ingredients.

What is the difference between cruelty-free and vegan beauty products?

Vegan: exclusion of, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. Vegan products, on the other hand, do not contain any animal ingredients or ingredients derived from animals. However, having a vegan label does not always mean that animal testing wasn’t used. Shockingly, it is possible to purchase a product that excludes all animal ingredients that was still tested on animals. As mentioned above, some brands may not directly test on animals, but third parties may have used this testing method with some ingredients. If you aren’t sure, it is best to ask the company directly. Some companies sell vegan products and falsely label them as cruelty-free. Many brands, purposefully or not, make their customers believe that cruelty-free and vegan are synonyms. As you can see, that is far from the case.

Some of the reasons you might want to use cruelty-free products:

Help put an end to animal testing
The truth is that animal testing isn’t necessary anymore. There are many new technologies that have developed in the past couple of decades that provide the same information that is gathered from testing on animals. In addition to that, testing beauty products for animals on humans doesn’t really make much sense. According to biomedical professor James Hickman “We have cured over 200 diseases in rats and mice that hasn’t translated to humans because our physiology is different, a lot of the basic functions you know. There is all kinds of things a rat can do that looks like things that we are doing. The problem is the small little modifiers, you know the channels and the receptors in those cells are just a little different than ours.” Testing on animals is cruel, expensive and truly ineffective when compared to other, more advanced methods. After all, what is the purpose of harming any living creature through testing, when the results are often flawed?
Save money
It is a misconception that cruelty-free products are always more expensive. Cruelty-free products used to be a bit more “exclusive” than they are today. There are many brands like E.L.F, Wet & Wild and 786 Cosmetics that offer these products at a price that won’t break the bank. More often than not, you are also purchasing a better quality product when you go cruelty-free. Your money goes further, even if the price might seem a bit steeper up front. Your wallet and your body will thank you.
Healthier options
Cruelty-free beauty products are often better for your body than their competitors. Overall, cruelty-free beauty products will tend to have fewer ingredients, meaning you will actually be able to understand what you are putting on your body and what the function of those ingredients are. Cruelty-free products also generally use fewer chemicals and toxic ingredients. This is good news for people with sensitive skin, or those simply not interested in covering their body with toxins. Ever had an allergic reaction to a beauty product? It was likely due to a harsh chemical ingredient. Less really is more when it comes to beauty and cosmetics.
Support your cause
When you choose to buy cruelty-free products, you are more than just a consumer against animal testing. You are also helping the brands that use more ethical practices grow and thrive. Choosing to spend your money on cruelty-free products sends a message to major brands that they should make a change, and allows the brands doing the right thing to educate the market. Money talks, and you can use your voice to support the causes that you care about.
Wrapping up
It can be confusing to sort out the differences in vegan products, cruelty-free products, and all the products in between. At the end of the day, you should decide what to purchase based on the qualities that matter to you. What is most important is that you are educated on what these terms mean and that you can make an informed decision. Looking for products that are both vegan and cruelty-free? 786 Cosmetics has a beautiful line of cruelty-free nail polish that are perfect for you! Click here to order your favorite color today.
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