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Is Nail Polish Halal? Here is All You Need to Know!

Is Nail Polish Halal? Here is All You Need to Know!

The debate has been raising concerns, is nail polish halal? Is there just one special kind of nail polish that is halal? Nail polish is halal, but it is not typically permissible when wearing it while you are performing Wudu (ablution) for Salah (Prayer). Do not worry, an alternative to standard nail polish is right at your fingertips. 

Is Standard Nail Polish Halal?

To be considered clean enough to offer Salah, it is indicated by the principles of Wudhu that water needs to contact all parts of your body. Non-permeable nail polish from old nail polish brands keeps water from getting at your fingernails and toenails, and therefore isn't permissible.

Some Ayaats (verses) from Qur'an tackle this issue. For instance, in Surah al-Mā'idah 5:6, it says: "O believers, when you stand up for the service of prayer wash your faces and hands up to elbows, and also wipe your heads, and wash your feet up to the ankles." Islamic Scholars have talked about this topic and reached the resolution that each and every part should be washed together with no dry spots at all.

Moreover, as per the Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH), all body parts should be scoured vivaciously with water prior to performing the Salah (prayer). In the event that, under any circumstance, an individual has a substance on their body that keeps water from entering, like dried paint, or wax then it ought to be accepted that water hasn't penetrated through to that body part and that the wudhu (ablution) is deficient.

Nail polish is comparable in such a way. When standard nail polish has dried, it establishes a strong bond with the nail that isn't porous or permeable. Many Muslim women prefer removing nail polish prior to performing wudhu or not wear it at all to not risk their prayers.

The Solution: Breathable Halal Nail Polish

Many people has asked, "Can I to perform Salah (prayer) with breathable nail polish?" There isn't anything in Islam that keeps women from wearing nail polish. In any case, the truth of the matter is that traditional nail polish applies a thick coat over fingernails and toenails, relying upon where it's applied, which is water-resistant, which means it doesn't allow the water to leak through.

Nonetheless, halal nail polish has been making degrees of progress in the cosmetic industry. Brands have started promoting permeable nail polish that can be used by practicing Muslims. As a component of endeavors to be more comprehensive of Muslim buyers, newer cosmetic brands like 786 Cosmetics, are producing halal nail polish to urge Muslim women to express themselves in their own way. 786 Cosmetics has a huge variety of nail polishes that are not only halal but of great quality. 786 Cosmetics provides great services and products for women who wish to use only halal beauty products. Check out their Instagram page, 786 Cosmetics, if you are looking for high-quality halal nail polish.

At this point, when Muslim women do wudhu with traditional nail polish, it's ordinarily acknowledged among Islamic Scholars that it is anything but a valid Wudu. Consequently, under Islamic standards, Salah (prayer) with normal types of nail polish isn't allowable. 

There's been a huge number of organizations that claim to have made a "breathable" type of nail polish in the past few years, one that they consider halal. Such organizations say that the materials utilized in their equation consider oxygen and water vapor to enter through the nails. 

There's been an influx of exposure stood to these organizations, with a few industry publications and blogs covering their launch. Muslim women were anxious to follow these advancements as it implied they could profit from beauty products as per their faith and confidence. In any case, there is still some discussion about whether or not you can perform Salah (prayer) with breathable nail polish.

However, there's been a great deal of doubt surrounding the claims that breathable nail polish has been created as per Islamic standards. 

The Grand Mufti at the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael, has revealed some insight into the breathable nail polish phenomenon. Talking about the augmentation of breathable nail polish in salons in Dubai, just as the intense interest from women in applying this nail polish, he keeps up that such cases ought to be analyzed with high caution.

An organization can't simply state an item halal just because they think it is. The halal certification comes after thorough testing and must be done from a proper Islamic authority or a Fatwa from an Islamic Scholar. 

The greater part of the breathable nail polish brands in the market today have not acquired the vital affirmations, and hence it's not actually right to name them as halal. 

A number of bloggers have attempted these breathable nail polish and endeavored to see whether water pervades through the nail polish and reaches the nail. 

Different Islamic scholars ask Muslim women to use halal breathable nail polish with strict consideration. Salah is certainly not a silly matter and should be agreed with the regard and earnestness that it merits.

Is Breathable Nail Polish Really Halal?

There have been numerous discussions about usability and whether it is acceptable for Muslim women to wear halal nail polish. Some Islamic Scholars contend that nail polish ought to be kept away from as it is viewed as decorative. As it warrants pointless consideration like different decorations, nail polish ought not to be worn within sight of a non-mahram. 

Other Islamic Scholars, for example, eminent American Imam Omar Suleiman, guarded the utilization of breathable nail polish as a "halal" alternative. The utilization of traditional nail polish may be considered humiliating for Muslim women as it shows that they are having their menstruation. 

In another harsh criticism is whether this permeable nail polish is really 'halal' as clearly, its water porousness may not be high. Many pseudoscientists lead tests utilizing coffee filters or paper towels where they would apply a layer of both ordinary and halal nail polish onto the filters and wait for it to dry. Water is then placed on the nail polish to see if it goes through the nail polish and makes the coffee filter or paper towel wet. Through this beginner test, water was able to leak through, which upholds the cases of penetrability. 

It is out of line to just completely disregard and dismiss these nail polishes because they are genuinely certified as halal. The formulas in the products from certain brands like 786 Cosmetics are acceptable by Islamic Shariah law. Since there is no evident logical conviction to help its utilization when performing Salaah, it may appear to be prudent to abstain from utilizing nail polish when performing Wudu. In any case, once more, everybody has the right to make their own decisions and use halal nail polish if they so choose.

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- Saba Khalil

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