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Muslim Podcasts

Muslim Podcasts

The wonderful world of Podcasts has grown quite popular recently! Podcasts, if you aren't already aware, are similar to radio talk shows where they discuss a variety of topics and sometimes even invite guests and experts to provide their views and share their knowledge on the topic.

There are so many genres to pick from: Wellness and lifestyle, true crime, news, fashion, mental health, and so on. You can never be bored or run out of choices. The possibilities are literally endless and there is something for everyone. 

In today's post, I will be sharing some of my favorite Muslim Podcasts that I have been tuning into and loving.

Unswtnd + Unfltrd Podcast

UNSWTND & UNFLTRD: An Interview with an Unapologetic Chicago Podcast

Hosted by two beautiful young Muslim women, Zaina and Dounya, who wanted to create a space for women to not feel alone in their hardship and struggles. Some of their topics are easy and light-hearted while others are a little uncomfortable but nevertheless address pressing issues. They have brought in so many renowned guest speakers and authors to come in and share their knowledge on a variety of issues within the culture, religion and so on.

Salaam Girl! Podcast

Salam, Girl': the podcast created by two American converts to Islam | The  National

This is one of the first ever Muslim hosted podcasts created. The hosts, Monica Traverzo and Nicole Queen, are cheerful, fun to listen to, and are very high spirited. The cool part about them is that they are converts, so we, as listeners, get to listen to their point of view on a variety of topics. They have had so many inspirational guests who’ve helped so many Muslim women already. 

Muslim central is a private audio podcast publisher. Their library consists of Islamic lectures, interviews, debates and so much more. There are over a 100 speakers on there and the best part... each of them have their own podcast. So you can tune into your favorite speaker and listen to them whenever you like. I’ll list a few of my favorites below.

Nouman Ali Khan by Muslim Central

Nouman Ali Khan | Podcast on Spotify

I am sure everybody knows Nouman Ali Khan. He is one of the best speakers out there. Born in Berlin and raised in New York, Nouman has published a variety of books, is an instructor at Nassau Community college, and is the founder of Bayyinnah Institute and TV which is an institute that teaches Arabic and the meaning of what is written in the Quran.

Mufti Menk by Muslim Central

Mufti Menk | Podcast on Spotify

Mufti Menk is another one of my and a lot of other people’s favorite speakers. He is originally from Zimbabwe and has been named as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world. If you find yourself in a dark place and feel like your faith is being tested, I highly recommend tuning into his podcast and you’re bound to find some inspiration. Sometimes, when I need that push, I listen to his podcast and feel as though he is speaking to me personally.

Yasmin Mogahed by Muslim Central

Yasmin Mogahed Lectures | Muslim Central Audio

Yasmin completed her B.S. in psychology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She also completed a master's degree in journalism and mass communications from the same university. She has spoken in seminars, has given lectures in universities, and is also an author. She has a wealth of knowledge and her lectures are quite captivating, I highly recommend book-marking her site.

There are so many more Muslim podcasts out there that are not mentioned in this post today. Do you already listen to any of them? Are there any that you highly recommend? Drop them below, I would love to check them out!

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