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Modest Clothing

Modest Clothing: Everything You Need To Know!

Modest clothing has been around for so many past years, and it's inevitable not to consider it as a fashion trend of all times. Apart from women belonging to several cultures, for instance, Islam, modest fashion has always been a top priority.

But what is modest clothing, how can you look stylish even in modest clothing, and above all, the benefits of modest fashion; we are covering everything you need to know! So, let us discover!

What Is Modest Clothing?

There is an argument in specifying what comes under modest clothing and what doesn't. Islam teaches Muslim women to observe modesty when it comes to clothing. Modesty may include wearing a hijab on the head, covering arms, legs, and almost the entire body.

However, it doesn't mean that only Muslim women are to wear modest clothes. On the contrary, the practical women of today's world know how to balance modern fashion styles and class and opt for modest clothing. 

Modest Clothing

5 Must-Know Ways of Stylish Modest Clothes

You may hear girls complaining that modest clothing makes them look above their age, not-to-fashionable, and against the current clothing trends. However, we've found that you can wear modest clothing and still be just as stylish. 

1. Layer It Up

Layering will help you keep covered and add a little style to the outfit's overall look. For example, layering can be wearing a long button-down shirt over a t-shirt or cardigan to notch up the overall look.

Modest Clothing

2. Swap a Short Dress for a Long Dress

Summer's heat is unbearable to beat, and sometimes the short skirts and dresses might seem the only option to survive the hot weather. However, they aren't comfortable, and neither are they modest. So for short dress replacement, you can always choose summery-long tunic dresses that are flowy enough to let the air pass through but covers your whole body adequately.

A belt on the waist can instantly give a stylish touch to complete your summer look.

3. Modest Pants 

Skin-tight bottoms tend to look immodest and could hinder your daily activities. When you decide to wear them outside, you not only feel insecure about any malfunction, but also you are just simply unable to move because of extremely clingy bottoms. 

Guess what's a modest alternative yet looks so chic? Straight pants or trousers which are not see-through but loose enough to not show any indecent skin exposure. Did we forget to mention that you will not regret it once you start wearing loose-fit jeans or bottoms? With loose clothing, you may find yourself much more comfortable throughout the day. 

Modest Clothing

4. Accessorize The Whole Look

Modest clothing doesn't mean you can't wear any accessories; be sure not to go overboard.

Hats look super cool in Summer. Stylish tote bags or long-chain bags can uplift the look, and a nice pair of shoes can bring the whole modest look together.

What people usually see as modest clothing is boring, dull, and out of fashion. What they fail to reckon is that it's up to them how they carry an outfit. Mix and matching the right amount of accessories can make even a modest look elegant and timeless.

Benefits Of Modest Clothing

You may be astonished to know, but you get to benefit from some advantages for choosing modest clothing. 

There is a reason why British Vogue came out with a modest clothing collection back in 2018. Let us talk about the benefits of wearing modest clothing. 

Modest Clothing

1. They are very comfortable

The trend has been shifting from choosing comfort over style and for all the right reasons. Women today are more practical than ever. They are multitasking moms, career-oriented working women, and ambitious teenage girls. Their goal is to be good at all they do without guidance. Tight and revealing clothes may restrict their actions. Hence, modest clothing comes to the rescue. Once you are pleased with what you are wearing, it instantly boosts your confidence to give your best at everything.

2. Simple yet classy

The best thing about modest dressing is that it's effortless, yet you look elegant. The proper fitting, suitable fabric, and sleek style are what make you look appropriate and classy. You might have heard, "less is more." And yes, it's versatile. Modest clothing, unlike recent trends, will not drastically differ with every season. Meaning your modest closet will not go out of fashion.

Modest Clothing

3. It eliminates any chances of wardrobe disasters

Who is up for wardrobe malfunctions? The correct answer is that no one is up for it. They are far too embarrassing, even though the thought is hard to fathom. So why not completely dust off the chances of any in the first place by wearing modest clothes?

With modest clothing, you don't have to worry about any fashion accidents, risk of revealing too much skin, or worrying about the dress staying in place even at movements. You also don't have to think multiple times while sitting in the crowd. 

In the end, modest clothing can be comfortable and stylish. Full garments and layering keep you covered by all the means. Dive into the modest fashion world today!

Author: Saba Khalil

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