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Modest Fashion Trends

Modest Fashion Trends

Modest fashion has perhaps never been as accessible and trendy as it is today. You can find a wide selection at a plethora of brand name stores including Zara & H&M, to name a few. This recently growing trend in modest fashion is due to its ability to seamlessly blend together comfort, class and elegance. 

I love putting together trendy modest outfits and find that with the right pieces the possibilities are versatile and endless. Today, in this post, I will be sharing a list of modest pieces that are a must have in every modest dresser’s closet 

Maxi Dresses 

Out of all the options, these are by far my favorite. They are long, loose and they can’t get any more modest. I choose to go with a fit that’s not too loose and not too figure hugging as I find that fit to be modest, comfortable and stylish. If the dress is sleeveless, they can be easily paired with a leather/jean jacket or even a cardigan and you are good to go

Source: Pinterest


Midi or Long Skirts 

Skirts are so versatile and there are so many options out there. They can be worn with knee high or ankle length booties, or with a sweater for that loose chic look, or even with a tucked in satin top to give it that proper, work attire look. 

Source: Pinterest 

Mom Jeans 

These are my absolute favorite type of jeans. They are loose, do not hug your curves, but their structure and taper leaves you feeling stylish and comfortable. The first time I tried these on, about three years ago, I loved them so much that I own them in a number of different colours.I think these are a must-have for all modest dressers. The pairings are endless, I personally like pairing them with a tucked in blouse, sweater or even with a plain white t-shirt and a blazer. 

Source: Pinterest 

I love fashion trends as much as the next girl. These are some of my favorite modest pieces & styles that I think are timeless and are a must have for every modest dresser. Some other options are relaxed pants, straight jeans, and cardigans. What are some of your go-to modest fashion trends and how would you wear the recommended pieces in this article?

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