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What is the Difference Between Ramadan Kareem and Ramadan Mubarak? Here is All You Need to Know

What is the Difference Between Ramadan Kareem and Ramadan Mubarak? Here is All You Need to Know

Hey there, Ramadan Mubarak! Wait a minute, did I say it right? Or is it Ramadan Kareem? Well, that’s the current big confusion around this. We have two phrases to celebrate one month of Ramadan. But both of them have different meanings. So, they cannot be used simultaneously, right? And you should know the right phrase to greet your friends, family, and other Muslims.

In "Ramadan Kareem" and "Ramadan Mubarak," we have used three words in total where Ramadan is common. All these words are taken from the Arabic dictionary. And now the non-Arabs are confused between the use of these two. The best solution is to learn the right meaning and use of these words. 

In Islam, we are taught to increase our knowledge by using all kinds of resources. Also, it is wise to verify any news or knowledge before using it. And if you are looking to learn the meaning of the above two phrases, then you have landed on the right article. You will be learning  the actual meaning of Ramadan Kareem and Ramadan Mubarak. So, just read on to find their specific meanings. 

Meaning of "Ramadan Kareem"

In the phrase "Ramadan Kareem," the word Kareem means generous. Which roughly translates to "Generous Ramadan."

Many people are not in favor of this phrase to greet Ramadan. Because they think that the time itself cannot be generous, however, people show generosity through their acts in this month. 

Furthermore, some people are in favor of using "Ramadan Kareem." They think that it refers to the time of showing kindness and generosity. So, when the time of kindness begins, you can use this phrase to welcome this holy month.

Remember that "Ramadan Kareem" is a newer phrase. It was not there forever. Its use started in the 21st century. This is the major reason that a large part of the population is not in favor of using this phrase.  

Meaning of "Ramadan Mubarak"

Here the word Mubarak means blessed. So, we can translate the phrase as "Blessed Ramadan." 

These are the words that are used by almost all Muslims around the globe to welcome the holy month of Ramadan. This month is just like a blessing from Allah for all the Muslims. Either they are scholars or laymen; they prefer to use this phrase. 

Moreover, this is the older phrase. It was used in the older times, and it is still alive and active, which is considered a better approach to celebrate the month of Ramadan. 

Which One is the Better Phrase? Ramadan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem?

Well, to wish a happy Ramadan to your friends and families, you can use either of the phrases as both of them have good meanings. But yet the preferred one is Ramadan Mubarak. 

In the end, it is just about greeting the month of Ramadan. We can even just say "Happy Ramadan."

Here’s a little information for you that it is sunnah to great the month of Ramadan. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was used to tell the people in advance that “The blessed month of Ramadan is approaching you. Thus, it is a good practice to be the first one and welcome Ramadan." 

Importance of Ramadan! 

During the month of Ramadan, we have to fast, and fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. During the fast, we cannot eat or drink anything until sunset. But Ramadan is more than that! When we cannot eat or drink anything, we will be able to understand the feeling of those poor and homeless people. We will be able to eat and drink on Iftar, but they cannot eat even at sunset. It is just they are fasting every day. 

And at the end of the month, we are asked to pay Fitrana (Zakat-ul-Fitr) to needy people, which allows them to participate in the happiness of Eid. 

Remember that in the month of Ramadan, the reward of one good is 70 times more than usual deeds. So, let's try together to pile the good deeds as much as we can. 

Using Nail Paint During Ramadan 

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Either you use "Ramadan Kareem" or "Ramadan Mubarak," it does not matter as you are just welcoming the holy month of Ramadan. Which becomes generous by your kind acts, and it is a blessing for Muslims. In this month, we get a chance to get closer to the Almighty Allah. 

And, there are not many restrictions in the world of Islam. If you can keep it halal and still look beautiful, you can go for it. 786 Cosmetics is a fantastic brand for finding halal nail paint products. We do not use any animal products our polishes. Our premium halal nail polish allows everyone to have healthy, beautiful nails in colors that compliment all skin tones. 

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The article ends here; now you know the difference between Ramadan Kareem and Ramadan Mubarak!

We hope that the content was useful for you. If you have any queries, you can leave a comment below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

- Saba Khalil

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