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Nail Colors for Dark Skin

Nail Colors for Dark Skin

Whether you’re looking for something bold, sophisticated, light, or fun, choosing the right nail colors for dark skin can be easier with the right knowledge in your toolkit. The mocha or buttery brown of your skin tone allows for a fascinating palette when choosing the right nail colors for everyday life. With this guide you will feel more empowered to choose the colors that work best for you.

Colors to Avoid

You will definitely want to stay away from pastels, metallics, silvers, and whites. While they can feel fun and flirty for spring and summer, against dark skin, they can make you look ashen and sallow. No one wants to show up to an event in something that’s less than flattering. Instead, you want to hear, “Oh my gosh, I love your nails!”  

Colors to Embrace

Every other color is fair game depending on the overall look or style you’re going for that week. I’ve chosen 5 categories to choose from: Jewel Tones for pop & glamour, Luxury & Power in the Richest of Colors, Subtle & Sophisticated Nudes, Primary Colors for a Bold Statement, and Glittery Sparkles for the Party Life. With each of these styles you can really play up your inner goddess with your dark skin as the perfect canvas.  

Jewel Tones

If you’re going for the perfect wow factor Jewel Tones will give you the pop & glamour you crave. The shiny sheen of a good shimmery purple, green, blue or gold grabs the best attention. Sometimes you want to feel like a Hollywood bombshell and these colors get you there. A shimmer against the smooth chocolate palette of your skin tone exudes confidence and fun. 

Luxury & Power

If luxury and power are more your style, you will want to check out the richer nail colors on the market. Deep burgundy, Rich Plum, Midnight Blue, or a rich Mauve can really show off your desire for the finer things in life. Subtle enough against your skin tone to feel flirtatious but bold enough to display your confident powerful self. These rich tones say, “You’re a woman who knows what she wants and, better yet, knows how to get it.” 

Subtle & Sophisticated Nudes

Sometimes, you want subtlety and sophistication. This is where nudes become your friend. Deep Browns and airy neutrals will do this well. Stick to colors that match your skintone well, without being the exact same color. Try for something a little redder, or pinker, or even a little more olive. This will let your personality shine while your nails take a bit of a back seat. Sometimes we the focus to be on our ideas. This subtle sophisticated look can keep you in the game while still looking polished and ready for whatever comes at you.

Primary Colors

Next we have our Primary Colors for a bold statement. These are especially fun in the summer time. Classic, cool, spontaneous, and fun are what these colors bring. A good Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, or Purple can really pop against your skintone in the best of ways. Just unconventional enough to be edgy but close enough to classic 80’s cool to be a staple in your nail polish drawer. 

Glittery Sparkles

Next we have our Glittery Sparkles for the party life. Oh yes, anything glittery, sign me up. They give off that fun, flirty, party vibe. Sparkles say spontaneous and diamond encrusted. Like a good sequin top, sparkly nails empower you to live your best life in the moment. And the best thing about dark skin is that sparkles pops just like a diamond. And who doesn’t like looking like a million bucks?


In conclusion, with so many amazing color options, choosing nail colors for dark skin can be a dream. Just remember stay away from pastels, metallics, silvers, and whites. Stick with the message you’d like to send out into the world. Be it Jewel Tones for pop & glamour, Luxury & Power in the Richest of Colors, Subtle & Sophisticated Nudes, Primary Colors for a Bold Statement, and Sparkles for the Party Life you’ll be putting your best nail forward.

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