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Wedding Nails

Wedding Nails

Wedding Nails are an ever increasingly important detail for your big day. The first thing that comes to mind is the picture with the rings. Yup, that’s right. After you tie the knot most couples and families opt for the ever classic picture of you and your newly betrothed holding hands with the bling sparkling in the sunlight. Therefore you want something that will blend in nicely with your dress and bridal bouquet but has enough detail to support that close up shot of the rings. I’ve chosen 5 themes to keep in mind when choosing your wedding day nails. 1) Floral 2) Nude 3) Lace 4) Shimmer 5) Something Blue.


If thinking about a floral design, look to your wedding bouquet for inspiration. For instance if your wedding flowers are tulips because its a spring wedding, then a nice white or lavender tulip nail stamped onto a nude can be a simple sophisticated darling little detail that stays on trend and on theme. Or if its a beach getaway wedding to Hawaii that you’re in for, then a nice Hawaiian flower will do the trick. Play it up. Have some fun. Keep it simple and dainty.


Nude colors work really well on your wedding day when you want everything else to be the star. It is super classic and incredibly pretty. These soft colors that match your own skin tone will allow any photos of the ring or you holding your bouquet really stand out. Its your wedding day. The day you get to do you. What better way to showcase that than with nails that are divinely natural. 


White lace on a nude nail is the perfect wedding day treat. It shows off your knack for incredible planning and eye for detail. You’ve put all this work into this big day and a white lace nail let’s everyone know you’re amazing at this. It will match your dress, showcase your ring, and melt with you into your fist night of wedded bliss. 


Shimmering nail designs harken to the champagne toasts and glittering reception that this day will bring you. This look is all about the happiness and the party. Your nails will be one more sparkling detail that compliments the ring and bouquet nicely. It won’t upstage your dress and you get to be fun and flirty all night long. 

Something Blue

Something blue reminds me of the American wedding tradition of having something blue on you during your wedding for good luck. Other cultures have other traditions so, please, definitely choose the tradition that fits your culture. For instance, matching your nail art to the henna tattoos you’ll be receiving could be a fun way to incorporate your traditions with your culture. I will speak to something blue because I am American and its a tradition I followed when I got married. This one’s pretty simple for Something blue. Just go with a baby pale blue. Its enough of a break from the nude to seem purposeful but pale enough to still be classic, on theme, and dainty.  No matter which one you choose for your big day, you will be the supreme goddess you’ve always dreamed of. Your nails are a detail you get full control over so show a little personality, a little attention to details, and most importantly let your joy shine through.  Check out amazing color choices at 786Cosmetics. And be sure to share with us on Instagram.
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