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@thisgirlnamedsofia Blog image, med school desk

Who is @thisgirlnamedsofia ?

Are you South Asian/Desi, thinking about Med school, or even just interested in fashion tips? Then definitely give a follow to @thisgirlnamedsofia . Sofia is a Desi-American powerhouse, host of the Red White & Brown Podcast, Medicine Student at Yale College, Princeton University graduate, and fashion & academic blog writer on her personal blog Sofia Etc. just to name a few. What we love about her at 786 Cosmetics is her balanced and mindful take on life, supporting initiatives beyond her own, and overall authenticity. Desi-Americans can find solace in knowing someone understands them, is asking the same questions that they do, and identifies with their microcosm of struggles & successes too.

@thisgirlnamedsofia Instagram

On her Instagram, Sofia has highlights for beauty, fashion, recipes, Friday favorites, budgeting, travels, Pre-Med, DIY and more. She loves rose-flavored foods, Pilates, Aladdin, coffee, the spring season, and the color pink too!

@thisgirlnamedsofia has written quite a few articles full of tips on navigating college applications, how to be a competitive applicant to Med school, tips on the MCAT, money-saving fashion tips, and more. Check out some of our favorite blogs by @thisgirlnamedsofia. 

Splurging vs Saving

High Value Resources for Pre-Med Students

On Productivity

Interview Tips

Best Designer Shoe Dupes

As a student fashion blogger, Sofia reminds us that you can be prepared and feel and look your best as you navigate higher education, strong professional goals, and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. What stands out about Sofia is her genuine captions and content, as she showcases the things she loves with so much sincerity- a real girl beyond the resume, just like you and me. 

@thisgirlnamedsofia @redwhiteandbrownpod Podcast photo

Being a Desi-American millennial, Sofia is real in her experience and authentic, addressing topics unapologetically like, "Memes About Desi Culture", "Avoiding Arranged Marriage & How to Put Yourself Out There", "Bollywood: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly". You can catch all these episodes and more on her co-led podcast.

Sofia's style can be encompassed as a modern, sleek, and classy. A 786 Cosmetics Nail Polish that I think compliments her style choice really well is Kabul, a light brown warm nude tone you can get here.

Where to follow Sofia & 786 Cosmetics?

On Instagram here @thisgirlnamedsofia

On her blog site here Sophia Etc

On her Pinterest here Sophia Etc

786 Cosmetics is also on Twitter, give us a follow here for sale announcements, new color releases, giveaways and more @786cosmetics

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