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What The Muslim Faith Means To Me

What The Muslim Faith Means To Me

The Muslim faith is not about do's and don'ts rather It preaches a way of life. The faith covers all aspects of one's life including how to present yourself, qualities you should aspire towards, proper etiquette and so on.

My Muslim faith means a lot of things to me and in today’s post I will cover some of the things my faith has taught me and how it has helped shape my personality and character.


My faith has teaches me to keep my body and mind active

Treating our body as a temple is instilled from a very young age. We are always encouraged to gain knowledge, keep active and  take up new hobbies. The reason behind this is because we get to learn new skills, gain experience and advance in a variety of ways. Thanks to those lessons, today, I have mastered a number of skills and attributes that have helped shape me as an individual. I appreciate these teachings because, well, nothing positive comes out of a bored mind!


My faith teaches me etiquette

The way I dress, the way I eat, converse with people, sit, walk, everything really is all attributed to the teachings of Islam. It’s all over the holy book, and the holy Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) teachings. Chewing with our mouths closed, dressing modestly, taking care of personal hygiene, wearing perfume, these are all teachings that were taught to us from a very young age.

Muslim faith teaches me the meaning of love and respect

Respecting elders, my siblings, teachers, friends, co-workers and even going to the depth of loving and respecting animals was something that was always talked of highly. At the time, I might have not understood the reasoning, but today, because I listened and followed what my faith preaches, I can proudly say that the reason I have so many good relationships with people, is because my faith taught me to treat others like how I would like to be treated.


Muslim faith teaches me patience

I firmly believe in the statement, “ Things will happen, when they are meant to happen” and the reason is because this statement has proven itself true over and over again. When I look at the teachings of Islam, I find various verses in the Holy Quran, where God tells us to trust him and that things will happen when the time is right. Again, when I was younger, I would get very frustrated and become unhappy when things did not go a certain way, but now as an adult, I can proudly accept that the reason some of my wishes did not come true was because He was just looking out for me. In fact, today,  I am grateful that some of those prayers did not come true!


And lastly, my faith allows me to not feel lonely

Some people might disagree with how I look at this but my faith has given me my one true best friend - God. God’s attributes are, All-seeing, All-hearing, All- knowing and so on - so it’s only fair and makes sense talking to God about all my feelings and thoughts. Talking to God feels like talking to your BFF! Yes, I do not get an instant response back and things take time to happen but my whispers always feel heard!


In conclusion, Islam is a religion that provides a solutions for every aspect of life. Every individual draws their own sense of fulfillment from the teachings of the religion. These five are just some of the things that my Faith has helped me accomplish.

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